Stanley Stanley was overweight in the beginning and

Stanley Yelnats is a dynamic character and Louis Sachar shows that in the third person point of view. Stanley goes to Camp Green Lake because he stole Clyde Livingston’s shoes. He has to dig holes in Camp Green Lake. He makes a friend (Hector Zeroni). He and Hector Zeroni have a big adventure climbing Big Thumb and when they come back to Camp Green Lake, they find a suitcase with “STANLEY YELNATS” written on it. It turns out it was treasure and then Stanley and Hector Zeroni become rich. Stanley had no friends in the beginning but he finds a true friend during his juvenile camp, Stanley was overweight in the beginning and now he lost weight because of digging holes. His family has a curse because Elya Yelnats (Stanley’s great-great-grandfather) did not carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain but Stanley carried Hector Zeroni (Madame Zeroni’s great-great-grandson) so his family is free from the curse.

            Stanley had no friends in the beginning, but he has a friend now. What worried him the most was, however, wasn’t that it was too late. What worried him the most, what really ate his insides, was the fear that it wasn’t too late (146). Stanley had no friend in his school because everyone was teasing him and also his teachers were doing some embarrassing thing without knowing that they are doing it

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            Stanley was overweight so he had no friends, but hence he has lost weight he found friends. Stanley guessed that he’d lost at least five pounds (59). Back in his town, Stanley had no friends because he was overweight, whereas here, not everybody is looking at his personality. Not for long and then everyone started teasing him, except one, Zero. Stanley and Zero became best friends after that.

            Madame Zeroni curses Elya Yelnats because he forgot to carry her up the mountain and hence Stanley Yelnats carried Hector Zeroni up the mountain, his family was released from that curse. Stanley took hold of Zero’s forearm and pulled him upright. Then he stooped down and let Zero fall over his right shoulder. He stood up, lifting Zero’s worn-out body off the ground (170). It was unfortunate for Stanley to meet Hector Zeroni because that changed Stanley’s life forever. I personally feel like this is just the luckiest thing that could possibly happen to a human. This is impossible.

            Stanley was always alone and away from all his classmates and neighbours. Due to his lack of confidence and overweight everyone used pick on him, bully him and tease him. With his good character and helping nature he made friend as well during the camp. After digging holes in Camp Green Lake, he lost weight and saw a different person in him. He gained confidence and realizes that he can achieve something with hard work. When Zero was unable to walk and drained out, Stanley felt sorry and helped him to reach the mountain peak. This humanity of Stanley not only made to achieve Zero’s goal and also freed Stanley’s family curse.