Spanish another example of Gaudi’s endless multitude of

Spanish architect who was born in Reus on 25th July 1852.
 His first designs were influenced by Neo-Gothic style, but later on he
produced very characteristic and decorative works in style of Art Noveau. Apart
from being an architect Gaudi could also be called a great artist and sculptor.
The key factor which led to his success is the fearless experimenting with
materials, looking at light and testing the gravity, which is why his projects
are one of their kind. 

He took a lot of inspiration from water, especially when constructing the
interiors of Casa Battlo where all the corners are replaced by fluid curves and
the walls seamlessly join the ceiling. I cannot help to think that Gaudi also
wanted to achieve a fairlytale look in many of his projects, whether it is
through the use of figurative sculptures, endless rounded  forms or bright collection of colours,
sometimes all in one place.

Antoni was a very religious person; his project for the Basilica ‘Sagrada
Familia’ has been incredibly thoroughly planned, so that a range of Bible
stories can be revealed just by looking at the walls of the building. Apart
from being a beautiful place of worship for Catholics, the Basilica is also an
essential part of tourists trip to Barcelona.

The project of Casa Mila, especially the exteriors, including the decorative
roof is another example of Gaudi’s endless multitude of ideas. The architect’s
thoughts were that most of the roofs around Barcelona were square or pointed,
with various wire and antennas sticking out of them. His design of the Casa
Mila’s roof, looks like a little sculpture park, with many steps and arches
where appropriate. All the sculptures were designed not only for decorative
purposes, as each of them either crowns an entry onto the roof or masks
antennas and chimneys.

Antonio Gaudi had died on 10th June 1926 in Barcelona, leaving
many unfinished or even not commenced projects including a plan for hotel
Attraction in New York.

I am finding Gaudi’s work very unusual and astonishing, but very beautiful.
His projects are linked, but not repetitive. During a trip to Barcelona, a walk
to one of Gaudi’s constructions was always an excitement, as every time there
is something new to see.  Antonio’s works are easy to appreciate and
admire, because he paid attention to every detail and made his work a real
piece of art unlike some modern artists.

I cannot tell which project I like the most, perhaps it would be Sagrada
Familia, because it is so incredible, with polished detail and so many
different ornamentations weaving together, though they never clash or seem too