Sound of Thunder – Analysis

Everything in life has a certain cause and effect whether it is small or big there is always going to have consequences to anything one does. This can be used to describe the “Butterfly effect”, which is presented throughout the short story a Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury. Ray Bradbury’s effective symbolism has played a major part in the story in developing the characters or the mood, but mainly it has greatly helped to develop his story and to portray his theme that anything, big or small can and will have consequences in the end if its millions of years later.

In this story, There are many symbols, one of the first ones to occur in this story was the time machine. In the story it was invented as way to make money, it even had its own company called The Time Safari, Inc. This was symbolic of the greed, yearning, and the things wrong with mankind at this time, as Eckels was literally trying to buy his way into the future “The muscles aroundhis mouth formed a smile as he put his hand slowly out upon the air, and in that hand waved a check for ten thousand dollars to the man behind the desk.” This shows how Eckels was extremely and little overly happy about the fact that he was able to go back to the past to kill a dinosaur, representing the greed and how far people go to accomplish goals by just using their money, this in the long run had a huge consequence. Another symbol that followed this was the path, The path here represents order and “the right way”, Eckels was not told to go off of this in the past but in fear for his life, he accidentally stepped off and killed the butterfly, and this was the result of greed and yearning for his actions of before with the time machine. This represents the effect part of the “cause and effect theme” of Bradbury theme, as the time machine part represents of

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There’s is yet another symbol after this, when he decides to even though he knew it wasn’t guaranteed to come back alive,”Do…