Sometimes My passion for Computers began during my

Sometimes when I’m
alone in the company of my own thoughts. I ask myself this reoccurring question-
“how did I get here against all odds”. The answer still eludes me. Is it just
luck or is it my unwavering resolve to never give up, because success was my
only option.

I was grew up in
Onitsha, a small town in Anambra state, Nigeria. A town where poverty, violence,
armed robbery and kidnapping were key aspects of the landscape, my childhood
was rough, I was one of the lucky ones to survive childhood with my health
intact and my ambitions still insight. The deleterious effects of all the
violence in my neighborhood crushed the dreams of many of my peers. Many
finished primary school but that was it. Free education ends in primary school
level. Few went on college. Even at that, most are now unemployed or dead.

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The future was
bleak because education was the only way to stand a chance of being successful
in the country but it was costly. Not affordable to people in the lower class
in which my family belonged to. I had only one option. To do extremely well in
school so as to be admitted into the highly competitive tuition free Federal
unity schools, or stay at home. I studied well, got admitted and my life was
forever changed.


My passion for
Computers began during my final term in secondary school, I was among the
selected students to attend a 2 weeks training camp sponsored by Digitest, A
small startup IT firm aimed at creating awareness on information technology
among children in the country. Within the course of this program, we were introduced
to website design and development which included lessons on HTML and PHP. It was
on basic level but I was amazed by the new things I learnt I could achieve with
a computer. The thought of the unending possibilities I could build with this
few knowledge and the amazement I felt each time I try a new idea and it turned
out to work, made me fall in love with this new path. I graduated and got
admitted to study computer science in the university.

However, due to
the fact that my parents were already struggling to sponsor my three older
siblings in school, I knew I had only 2 options. Either to defer my admission
for three to four years till my siblings graduate or I secure funding myself
from other source. Determined to never give up, I applied and wrote different scholarship
exams. Eventually. I won a local government sponsored scholarship which would
cater for my tuition as long as I maintained the stipulated grade required from
me. And thus, my journey as a computer science undergraduate began.


During my third year,
for the compulsory 6 months Industrial training. I was opportune to work in a
software development company specialized in development and implementation of
financial applications. There I was trained for 3 months on Microsoft C#. I was
involved in numerous projects and also helped in debugging of newly written software.
After 3 months I was transferred to product implementation and support
department. This is where I became more interested in managing technology and
improving its utilization to advance the overall business goals of a firm. As a
result, I gained considerable experience in software engineering and software
development lifecycle. My duties and responsibilities included Implementing
features, providing technical expertise and training, and facilitating knowledge
transfer to new clients, Supporting users and super users during the
implementation phase and implementation, Troubleshooting system and network problems
and finally, diagnosing and solving hardware or software faults . This experience
provided me with my first experience of working in a corporate setting.


One of the
requirement for the award of my bachelor degree in computer science was the
successful completion of a final year project. I have always been concerned
about the security of information is the technology world. Almost any information
safeguarded can be broken into and accessed, as long as there’s time and
required skill to do it.  I researched on
ways to mitigate this issue and developed a digital image steganography system
based on least significant bit insertion technique, using the Microsoft c# as
my programming language. An application which can hide digital files in
picture. The aim of this was to hide information in plain sight. This concept
is simple yet so important. It works by embedding secrets in the least
significant bits of pixel values of the cover image thereby causing no
perceptible change to the original image. Also to provide further security, I included
a password protection unique for each encryption and subsequent transmission.



My desire to
seek further training is also based on my own working experiences. After the
completion of my bachelor’s degree program, I worked in an IT firm as an IT
Engineer where I gained a lot of experience through my roles which included Maintaining of local Software and
Hardware licensing to ensure conformance, running basic client installation to
meet required specifications, Configuration and Installation of Network printers
for clients, Talking to staff or clients through a series of actions, either
face-to face or over the telephone, to help set up systems or resolve issues
and also testing and evaluating new technology.


With all these experiences
to my resume and a clearer view of my career path, I have realized the need to
pursue further education in information technology at The University of Texas
at El Paso in order to realize my career objectives. After careful
consideration, it has become clear to me that pursuing a thriving career in information
technology in the present technological and business world demands advanced
training in IT and related subjects. I chose to enroll my masters program with
you because I am a strong enthusiast of your research centers and facilities,
and also your multi-faceted curriculum which will give me a chance to earn a cyber-security
certificate while obtaining my masters degree. I consider this very crucial in achieving
my dream of being a successful system analyst.

I look forward
to becoming a high-performing professional and I aspire to raise the reputation
of the University through delivering value to the organizations I work with. I
look forward to being a part of the incoming class of fall 2018.