Sociology to sweeping generalizations of society and social

Sociology is the study of human behavior and social relationships in our world and in society. Sociology is very vast, ranging from everyday behaviors in societies about crime and religion, divisions of race and social class, and beliefs about various cultures around the world. Bringing all these different parts of sociology together we are able to understand how human action and social behaviors shape the surrounding social structures of our very own world. Sociology is a study that allows analysis of the communities and groups that we live in, and the whole world at that. At a societal level, sociology examines crime, law, poverty, wealth, discrimination, and education. At a global level, sociology studies population growth, war, and things such as economic development. Sociology also allows us to evaluate our very own personal day to day lives as well, by looking at religion, race, gender, family background, romantic relationships, and social behavior. We can start to investigate human social causes and effects, as well as reasoning behind these actions.

            By looking through what sociology brands the “Sociological Perspective “we are able to analyze things from very strong and stable interpretations, to sweeping generalizations of society and social behaviors. Sociologists study everything from specific events, or micro level analysis of small social patterns, to the “big picture” meaning the macro level of analysis of large social patterns. Sociologists use mainly three theoretical perspectives or apporaches but there are five in Macionis, J., and L. Gerber. 2018. Sociology, 9th Canadian ed. The symbolic interactionist approach, the functionalist approach, Social conflict approach, Feminist approach, and Postmodernist approach. These perspectives offer sociologists insight on how society influences the people directly and the people they surround themselves with. Symbolic interactionism, directs sociologists to consider the symbols our everyday life, what the symbols mean to people, and how people interact with each other using them.

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 Functionalism, each aspect of society is interdependent and contributes to society’s functioning as a whole.

 Conflict perspective focuses on the negative, conflicted, and ever?changing nature of society.