Social for entertainment. There should be a new

Social Media should have a better age limit and/or restrictions. In many ways Social Media can be good for kids like interacting with their friends online or checking out the latest news, but Social Media can be dangerous and Negatively impact the lives of teens. There could be bad language, graphic images that are not suitable for kids, cyber-bullying, and body shame. Social media should have a more accurate age limit or certain restrictions for kids at a certain age.Social media is a bad influence on kids, though it may provide helpful needs in slight ways, Instagram, snapchat and Facebook and Twitter are mostly post with a caption. People can judge you on your post whether it’s good or bad. People have the advantage of ruining your day. Giving you teens and kids the opportunity for seeing very graphic photos or dangerous acts they may want to copy for entertainment. There should be a new rule for a age group on social media for example only people that are 17+, or there could be better restrictions on what can be suitable for their age limit. If none of these examples are possible then they can make a app for parents to use to keep an eye on their little ones when using social media. Judgy thoughts on social media also prohibit to more sassy tone or talking bad to others. There is a lot of of negative comments that can be made by others when you post something on the internet/ social media. People can give you body shame, and say negative body image thoughts about you. This usually lowers one’s self esteem and cause depression over oneself. By making a age limit or more restrictions they cyberbullying can be stopped and you can save your kid from potential having their feelings hurt by someone they don’t even know or even worst, one of there fellow acquaintances can say bad things about you. Then rumors could be told and eventually get bullied, even though getting bullied is 18% for an average teen in the school semester of the year it still could be reduced if we simply put a restriction on. There is limited capacity for self regulation, there is higher amounts of peer pressure, there are online expressions of offline behavior such as clique-forming, Sexual experimentation, sexting, cyberbullying, privacy issues (that can be solved with more restrictions), internet addiction, and last but not least sleep deprivation. Social media has a big impact on all adults and teens, and though we may all be different, social media has very many cons about it.”Teenagers, especially girls, find out quickly that their newly discovered sexuality can be used for attention, even manipulation. Social media gives them a wider audience for both. It feels empowering and they do not have the maturity to self- regulate. All of the consequences of the first two points apply here.”-All Pro DadThese are only a few examples of how social media can be bad for teens under a certain age, but some of these could fall under any age category for a human being. Social networking as been such a big part of this world but like anything else, to much can be dangerous.”Social media can be a good friend but however a much worst enemy” quotes SlideShare on negative impacts for kids with Social media. And that is why Social media should have more restrictions, parent editing, and a better age restriction.