Social change characteristics

The definition of social change is when culture and social institutions convert over time. It’s how we change the way of life we live. The key features of social change can be triggered by scientific or technical forces, religious or even economical forces. There are a few features about social change that include unplanned events, and this complex process has four major characteristics: 1 . “Social change happens all the time. ” (Macaroni, J. J. 2006). As the old saying goes “Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes.

This is one thing I have believed in all my life. I cannot even believe that people paid little to no taxes back in the early sass’s and look at the taxes now. I will say that they are extremely high compared to back then. Even the death rate has changed. In the early sass’s a male’s life expectancy was about age 46 and women’s life expectancy was till 48. Now, the average male lives to see 74 and the woman lives to see 80. Everything in life is subject to change, and our society is no different. With the rise of technology in our society, we are bound to keep changing.

Back when I was a child, VS., cassettes, and Nintendo were the “hip” things. Now it more like Pod’s, ‘Phones, and Palpitation 3 are the things that are “in”. 2. “Social change is sometimes intentional but often unplanned. ” (Macaroni, J. J. 2006). Since changes in society are never-ending, to know the consequences of what will happen due to these changes are nearly impossible. One example of this is the creation of the automobile. It used to be a horse or horse and buggy, but it was a longer Journey.

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The unknown consequences that were not predicted were; the reshaping of suburbs and cities, pollution, and more civilization. 3. “Social change is controversial. ” (Macaroni, J. J. 2006). Controversy is always going to be because there will always be opinions over what is right and wrong. The creation of the Industrial Revolution increased productivity and swelled profits, but the workers feared that the machines would make them obsolete, and kick them out of a Job. 4. “Some changes matter more than others. ” (Macaroni, J. J. 2006). Some changes are more important than others.

Like the way we style our clothes has changed dramatically since the sass’s, but it is only a “passing fad”. Now, something like computers; that is a new revolution that is called the Information Revolution. With the Information Revolution it has its’ negative and positive effects on society. It not only helps pass along information much more quickly and allows students like me to do “online schooling” from the comforts of my home, but its’ negative effects can include making it easier for pedophilia to gain access to young, vulnerable children.