Smoking of cigarettes smoked in order to enjoy

Smoking is one of trending things among teenager and adults. Most of the
Teenager are still too young
to legally allowed to smoke (under
18 years old). And they themselves do not realize how dangerous smoking is. They
just go along with it and even get forced to smoke by their Friends
or even Family.
Therefore here I will explain how dangerous smoking is.

            What exactly is the cigarette ?. A cigarette is a
tobacco leaf which is then scrolled with paper with a length of about 10 cm
with a diameter of about 10 mm. At one end of the cigarette is burned with a
small fire which is then left smoldering little by little. On the other end of
cigarettes smoked in order to enjoy the smoke generated from the burning that
occurred at the end of the cigarette in let smoldering. Usually the tip of a
cigarette used to smoke is made of foam or so-called filter cigarettes. The
function of the filter itself is to filter the nicotine that is on the
cigarette so as not too much inhaled at the time of suction. cigarettes were
first discovered in the American continent by Indian tribes. They smoke cigarettes to perform rituals for their spirits
or gods. But in the 1600s, Europeans who traveled to the American continent saw
the Indians smoking. They were getting interested to try smoking. And eventually they brought the tobacco leaves that became
the main ingredients of cigarettes returned to Europe. Once in Europe cigarettes
began to spread among the nobility of Europe. But, unlike those Indian tribes
who smoke for their belief rituals to their spirits or gods the European
nobility smokes only for the sheer pleasure. Then in the 17th century Spanish
merchants who started trading to turkey began to spread cigarettes among
Islamic countries. And that’s where the habit of smoking starts to rampant
among the people of Islam. Cigarettes are usually sold in the form of small
boxes that contain more or less 17 to 20 cigarettes. But
in small shops they usually sell it in retail which is priced at IDR 1500
per trunk. And in Indonesia usually packs of cigarettes accompanied
by images of diseases that caused by smoking.

            what causes cigarettes is
very dangerous?.
Here are some dangerous chemicals for human that contained in cigarettes:

1. Tar
Tar is a formation of harmful chemical compounds present in cigarette smoke.
this substance will accumulate in the pulmonary lung and will interfere with
the function of the small hairs located on the surface of the lungs. This small
hair hair acts as a filter of bacteria and germs and inhibits the toxins that
try to enter the lungs.

2. Nicotine
Nicotine is one of the toxic substances. Nicotine that enters the body will
dissolve in the kidneys and undergo metabolism. As a substance dissolved in
water, nicotine will come out through the liver and can come out together with
urine. most of the nicotine comes out along with urine. A cigarette containing
1 milligram of nicotine takes about 6 hours to be removed from the body.

Cyanide acid is very easy to enter the digestive tract. In large doses,
cyanide can be very fatal consequences. Once inside the body, cyanide directly
into the blood vessels. Although the amount of cyanide contained in cigarettes
is small but if the cigarette is sucked continuously for long periods then it
can cause death as well.

Benzene in practice is widely used as a solvent of chemicals including
gasoline. in certain amounts, benzene can cause blood cancer. Tobacco smoke
contains large amounts of benzene. Smokers can inhale benzene in the amount of
10 times more than non-smokers.

Dangerous cigarette content one of them cadmium. It is usually used in the
manufacture of battery stones. According to research cadmium can trigger
cancer, damage the kidneys, and damage the lining of the arteries. A smoker can
be exposed to toxic cadmium in the amount of 4 times more than a non-smoker.


6. Ammonia
Ammonia is a gas with a strong smell and is often used to clean the bathroom.
According to some researchers this ammonia substance can increase the level of
addiction caused by nicotine substances. Nicotine that is exposed to ammonia
can be transformed into a gas so it is more easily absorbed into the lungs,
respiratory tract, and blood flow.

Carbon monoxide
Carbon monoxide occurs from incomplete combustion of carbon compounds.
Cigarette smoke contains very much carbon monoxide. carbon dioxide can lower
the blood’s ability to carry and distribute blood into body tissues.

8. Arsenic
Arsenic is one of the most dangerous cigarettes. Arsenic is commonly found in
rat poison. Arsenic poison found in tobacco leaf is very dangerous. the more
often a person smokes the more the absorbed toxins into the body. in addition
can damage the body, arsenic poison can also trigger cancer and potentially
damage the DNA in the body.

9. Nitrogen Oxide
The content of cigarettes is no less dangerous is nitrogen oxide. This
substance is often found in car exhaust fumes. However, our body also needs
small amounts of nitrogen oxides for expansion in the respiratory tract. But if
the amount becomes too much, this substance will make the airways become too
wide which will make the nicotine and other harmful substances become more
absorbed by the lungs.

10. Formaldehyde
Formaldehyde (Formalin) is a chemical commonly used to preserve corpses and
foodstuffs. This substance is also contained in cigarette smoke. Formaldehyde
can cause nasopharyngeal cancer and blood cancer.

            Is it good to stop smoking?. There are
many benefits that we can get from quitting smoking. From trivial things like
saving money we used to buy a pack of cigarettes to buy a new car to improve
our health by quitting smoking and doing regular exercise. And also after we
successfully quit smoking we are also obliged to remind people around who are
still smoking to quit smoking. Because, if we keep them smoking around us. We
will be adversely affected both health and psychological. In this case we are
categorized in passive smokers. Passive smokers are no less dangerous than
active smokers. Although we do not smoke we will also be affected by
respiratory problems, narrowing of blood vessels that lead to stroke and heart
disease, and decreased immune system. In children, cigarette smoke can cause
the risk of disease Meningitis. And in pregnant women, inhaling cigarette smoke
will interfere with the health of itself and the fetus it contains. Psychologically, Passive Smokers can get addicted. Who
previously hate cigarette smoke, can change become accustomed to cigarette smoke.

            So we can draw the conclusion that
smoking is very dangerous. We should avoid smoking (for those who do not smoke)
and start quitting smoking from now on (if you are a smoker). Many of us
underestimated the warnings the government and health institutions gave us
about the dangers of smoking and regret in the end. Even some of those who have
been exposed to the disease caused by cigarettes began to spread their experience
of this “little devil”. We all know and agree if the cigarette can
damage the body. so why don’t we stop to
destroy our bodies that god has entrusted to us ?.