Skit for Middle Colonies

Narrator- A land of plenty, a people of one. The middle colonies are where we have fun. We allow diversity and call you our friends. The middle colonies are where you want to be till the end. [Enter Oats] Oats- What a wonderful morning we are having here in the middle colonies. The wheat crop has grown in bountiful and plenty. [Enter Family] Oats- Hello good friend! My name is Oats and I am a citizen of this fine town here in the middle colonies. Father- Hello Sir, I have brought my family to these colonies from England to start a new life.

My family is rather large and we noticed when we were visiting the southern colonies that there were not very many families there. Oats- That’s because here in the middle colonies most of the people who live here are family units of seven or more. There are also a lot of relatives here like Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. Father- Wow so this is a very family friendly place. Oats- Definitely! Because we are Quakers we believe that all people are friends of us and that everyone is equal in God’s eyes! Mother- So women and children have equal rights too! (ANXIOUSLY) Oats- Ha-ha….. NO!

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Women do not have the ability to vote, own land, go into business, or sign contracts. …… BUT! Women play a major role in our society by making a lot of the clothes that everyone wears and picking berries and roots to die them different colors. Child #1- Is there something for us children to do? Oats- Something Fun for children to do? All children- YEAH! Oats- Of course, the male children will become apprentices to people so that they may learn useful skills, while the young ladies learn home skills from their mothers. Family- Wow this place is great! Oats- It sure is! [Enter Asher]

Oats- Hello good friend! Asher- I just got here from Boston! I am looking to start a farm here. When I got here form England, I was looking to get rich quick with a bountiful cash crop. But when I got to the New England colonies, the soil was rocky and did not permit me to plant anything. Oats- Well good news is here my friend! The middle colonies have the best and richest soil out of all the colonies! We can produce many different types of food in all different forms. Agriculture is our main source of income Asher- I don’t want to be cheated again and have to trade with those Indians again.

Oats-No Sir, there will be none of that! Our main export is flour and we have abundance in wheat. We are often called the “breadbasket” colonies. Asher- Wow this place is awesome! [Enter Bob] Oats- Well hello good friend! Bob- Hey man what is up? Oats- The skies that God has created friend! What brings you to our fine town/ Bob- Okay whatever dude, I am here from the south. I am so tired being ruled by free white men in the House of Burgesses! It’s totally lame and they never let us do anything! Oats- Well there is none of that in the middle colonies!

Any Christian man who would like to hold office may do so! Our local government does not force settlers to pay taxes to support the church! Bob- For real dude?!?! So we don’t have to pay taxes for the church? I don’t even go to church! Oats- No problem! We don’t even force you to go to church like some OTHER colonies. All- Wow this place is amazing! Oats- Yeah…. I know! Narrator- So now you have seen these great colonies. Feel free to come and see us please. But these travelers’ journeys have come to an end. And we hope to see you here soon my very good friends.