Single single since birth. Those who choose to

Single since Birth: Factors that
determine the reason why some college students are single since birth


Single since birth.
People who never experience being in a relationship with their opposite-sex
ever since they were born. No first kiss, no first hug, no first date, etc.
Having boyfriend or girlfriend is just normal on our society and on our generation
because it has been part of our lives as young adults, especially when you are
a college student. People in your surroundings, such as our friends,
classmates, etc. would expect that you have your boyfriend or girlfriend, or at
least you had a boyfriend from the past. As a human, it is normal for us to
fall in love with someone. If you have mutual feelings for each other, the guy
would usually court the girl he likes. After that, they would become couples.
It is very nice to hear stories from our parents and friends about their love
stories. Talking about their first kisses, first hug, first holding hands,
first date, etc. with their past boyfriend or girlfriend. We heard from them
what it feels to be in love and what it feels to have boyfriends. Their stories
just like on those fairy tales. But, how about those individuals who never
experience things like these? Those who were singles. Not just an ordinary
single but, single since birth. Those who choose to deviate from that norm.
Those individuals who were called deviant by their friends, classmates, etc.
because they are still single. What are the consequences of being single since
birth? Why are they still single? What it feels like being single since birth?
What are the hindrances that stop them from entering love life or being in a
relationship? Or does they ever fall in love with a person? That is some of the
questions that come up inside our minds when we hear things like this. It’s
normal for our friends to ask if we have our boyfriends or girlfriends. But, when
someone answers honestly that he/she is single since birth, people would not
believe. Some of the reasons why some college girls or boys are single since
birth, based on my perspective are that not everyone wants to be in a
relationship, some girls/boys have high standards, it’s because they are not
sociable and because their parents are very strict. But, I’m not sure about
those strict parents because there are some individuals who have parents who
are strict about boyfriends and girlfriends thing, yet some of them have their
boyfriends or girlfriends. It’s not good for us to conclude about something if
we do not have the capabilities to prove that thing. That is why I want to
argue or prove: what are the factors that affect some college students on being
in a relationship? Not just because it is an interesting topic for me but also
it can help us to be knowledgeable about this kind of issue. By studying thiskind of issue, we may be able to
understand those individuals who were single since birth or chooses not to be
in a relationship.