Since treated very poorly. It’s a common theme

Since the first time Christopher Columbus traveled across the Atlantic Ocean in hopes of finding India, a dark history emerged between the white man and the Aboriginal peoples within North America. In 1492 the white men first made contact with the Aboriginal peoples and onwards to that date they have manipulated,taken advantage of and killed many Native Americans. Over time, the mistakes made by these men and Canada’s founder have not been realized and much of what happened then, still goes on to this day by our government. The negative events that have transpired and still continue to this day are Residential schooling, the current quality of life of Aboriginals living on reserves and the stolen land that the government will not acknowledge or return.

The residential school system was undoubtedly one of the worst decisions ever made by the government, along with the sixties scoop. The quality of life on Aboriginal reserves is nothing to write home about either, most residences don’t have clean water sources. One topic that got lots of media attention for good reason was the building on Aboriginal owned land without permission, the Government failed to recognize the land they did not own. Since the beginning, Aboriginals have been treated very poorly. It’s a common theme for the government to say sorry, but words only go so far for the decades of forced residential schooling. Children were abducted from their residences and homes, and forced to attend these schools where the government was trying to “Kill the Indian in the Indian”. Children were assaulted, beaten if they spoke their native language, and forced to integrate into European society across North America.

The establishment of these schools was only a small component of numerous treaties to restrict First Nations rights, and to residential schools the government stole First Nations land and discriminated their culture. The schools were infected with smallpox and tuberculosis, diseases which the First Nations had no immunity to.