Since never put into practice these abilities I

Since I was a little girl, I alwaysquestioned who I was and what I will become in the future. I sat at the mirrorfor hours staring at my reflection trying to understand who is Melis Erdogan? Howcan Melis identify herself from others? What about her race, class, gender and religion?Or just questioned if any of these was important to know who am I? Now a day, Iask myself what my identity is and how I represent this concept. I have always been passionate in creativityand design; I could spend my free time watching several programs of clothesdesign, interior design and house designs just because I liked to get to knowdifferent techniques, inspirations, colors and textures each designer uses. Inever put into practice these abilities I always dream about until my unclegave me a fashion designer game. From that day, I started to design my ownclothes considering my personality, my favorite colors, my likes and mysurroundings. Since that year and on, I understood that by fashion, I couldrepresent who I am.

 Through my personal likes and situations Ihad lived, I finally decided that my topic is “Fashion reflects my identity”. Bythese project, I wanted to explore and develop even more the taste that I hadfor fashion since I was a girl. “Fashion must reflect who you are, what you feelat the moment. Where you’re going- Pharrell Williams”, this quote helped me understandhow I could relate both concepts I had a limited knowledge about and I wanted todeepen in them.  The first concept of my topic is identity; itis the certain features which determine who or what a person or thing is.

Additionally, I think that fashion is a nonverbal wayof communication which can specify occupation, rank, gender, class, wealth,culture and identity. fashion can be seen as a simple concept but behind theword, we can evidence a world of complete creativity, innovations, and endlesspossibilities. With my personal project, I will transferand apply all of my existing knowledge of identity and fashion to generate newideas, products and creative processes.