How I Show Kindness To Others

There are many ways to show kindness to people in the world, some through donations others choose generosity. I show kindness in many ways by volunteering at my old school once a week, helping others with homework, and having a positive attitude at mostly everything I do. Sometimes it is not easy having a positive outlook on life twenty-four seven but the smallest smile or wave can make a person’s day. I enjoy showing kindness to others because I know that I am helping somebody for the good and then I just know that I did the right thing.

Ever since I have left my former school, I have gone back every friday to visit and help with simple things in and around the classroom. My former teachers love it when I come to visit because I keep them company while they work. Whatever the job, I am more than happy to help out, whether it is marking some homework or re-doing a bulliton board. I have started a trend by coming back and visiting because I often see other former students coming to visit as well. On my days off from school, I frequently stop by and help out while the kids are in class.

Sometimes I help them with their homework or for the kindergarten kids, I read and play games with them. I also enjoy helping my peers out as well. If they are in need of some homework help or coaching I am always available to assist them. I do my best at explaining things to them and I give them as much help as I possibly can. I make sure that they stay focused and alert so that they can better understand the subject. I give praise to them when they are starting to get the hang of the homework.

Everyday I do my best to stay in a positive attitude state of mind. At school I will regularly offer the teacher help if they need odd jobs done around the classroom. I treat the teachers and my peers with respect and gratitude because I know that what I give out I will recieve back. I help the elementary with reading and writing and often smile at them as my class passes them. After school, I assist my elderly neighbour in her gardening and yardword. I stay positive and make the best out of situations.

I enjoy helping people for the better by assisting them in their work and studies, and my favourite thing to do is to go and volunteer at my old school. I am always avalible after school to help my peers with homework, and am always there to lend a helping hand. I take pleasure in being a role model to the younger student at my school and being an aid to others in my community. Showing kindness in and around your community is not a complicated thing to do, it comes easy to me and it just happens to be that I am good at it.