“Shine” His name is forgotten by almost everyone

is the war between David and his parental figures. His father, a controlling
man well his wife weak, but he receives help from a woman in Perth and also David’s
piano teacher. The movie views the life of David
Helfgott a young Australian pianist, it seemed as though the father Peter
Helfgott was living through his son. A man of which has a strong obsession with
winning and zero tolerance for any failure and/or being disobedient he is a
controlling man. In his teen years he wins the state musical championship and
is invited to study in America. Money was raised for both David Helfgott and
family to join him in the States that the father changes his mind and forbids
David to leave and abuses him, father has this idea that David leaving will
destroy the family. Peter a polish Jew survived the Holocaust. This where he
settles David develops a friendship and support from an old woman named Googie
Withers who helps and encourages him with his music and peruse attending school
in London at the Royal College of Music, he screams, “you will destroy your
family!” David moves to London where his tutor (Cecil Parkes). There he was
happy for the first time ever, while performing his Piano Rachmaninoff Piano
concert No.3, David sadly falls apart. He is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, where he received
electric shock therapy.

David been
diagnosed with schizophrenia, manic-depression, post-traumatic stress disorder.

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It allows viewers view the mind of man experiencing a breakdown.

Recovers to the
point where he is able to return to Australia, but still rejects his father. Next
he part focus on his middle-aged man returning back to Australia, where he now
is talking non-sense. His name is forgotten by almost everyone but there is one
person that is a middle age woman named Gillian who is an astrologer who the
two meet through a friend towards the end of his restaurant days. The two fall
in love and this is what saves David.

For David his piano
playing comes so naturally to him that it isn’t just a form of art but way of
expressing himself and his emotions. He overcame mental illness, with the help
of his wife, and returned to performing.