The setting of your lounge before and after you have held a party there

The lounge was usually messy when you came in, but since there was a party on, I decided I would clean it up and put a bit of effort in on giving the place a clean. So I spent the next couple of hours cleaning the tables I had set out, hoovering, dusting the mantelpiece, cleaning the windows etc. There was so much mess! How much mess could a teenage boy and a dog make? Due to the amount of window wipers and toilet roles I went through, apparently quite a lot. I moved the sofas and the easy chairs back into the dining room and set out the dinner chairs just in case people didn’t want to stand for the whole time.

I took all of the family pictures off the wall, as I didn’t want half naked pictures of mini me’s around the room! I heard the ping of my oven timer and I rushed to get party food out of the oven. As soon as the food was out I put another tray in identical to the one I had just taken out, loaded with mini pizzas and some flan. I then went into the garage to get some drinks I had bought earlier and set them on the table. I decided there wasn’t enough for the amount of people coming so I rushed quickly down to the super market to get some more.

As soon as I got in I realised what the time was and quickly set out some paper plates and cups on the table and rushed putting the food on the table. I realised I hadn’t arranged my music speakers like I wanted to so I synced them all with “party mode” and turned the bass up. I chose a recently new CD out of the cabinet lying right next to the stereo and pushed the CD in the slot. After picking a tune I was comfortable with I rushed upstairs and had a rushed shower and whacked on my party clothes. I ran down the stairs with my tooth brush still in my mouth and double checked everything was looking good.

I was very pleased with my evening’s work, realising it was the cleanest id ever seen it, but before I had the chance to gloat to myself, I heard the doorbell ring. What a night! I said to myself as I saw off the last of my friends drive away out of our tiny driveway. Closing the door, I rushed upstairs to let the dog out, checking out my reflection in the mirror just in case I had some chocolate cake on the corner of my mouth. “Looking good” I said to myself, but I finally woke up out of my daydream and let the dog out.

I jumped on my bed and lay there for a while thinking about the night I had just had, before realising what a state the living room must be in. I sighed as I got up and rushed down the stairs. As I entered the living room I heard myself say, “Was it really this messy when I left it? ” I scanned the room, first noticing a wet patch on the carpet, right next to the table, “someone spilt something” i said out loud, thinking people were still in the house. I then carried out noticing the table of drinks. Every one of them had been opened, even though there was two of each!

I huffed at myself realising I would have to finish of the sticky, flat drinks sometime in the following week. I looked on, hoping for better results. I discovered a tray of mini pizzas face down on the floor, which someone had conveniently tucked under the table. i took all of the dishes and the paper trays through to the kitchen, and i also discovered someone had left their phone there! I quickly left a voicemail at their contact named home, telling them id bring it into school on Monday. I put the sound system back, which, to my surprise, had no problems whatsoever.

I quickly put the chairs back into the dining room, and out the sofas back to the grooves they left in the carpet. I also put back all of the pictures except one which I couldn’t reach, so I decided I’d leave it for tomorrow. After a couple of hours of making sure everything was acceptable, I went back to the kitchen and had some supper. Going over what had happened just hours before, I chuckled to myself. As I was loading up the dishwasher I noticed a tidy pile of paper napkins with the significant 11 numbers and female names imprinted on them. I smiled to myself, and after seeing the time, I rushed off to bed