Sensitivity analysis could be used to help in

analysis is a technique of determination on how different values of an independent
variable could impact a dependent variable under a set of assumptions. These
techniques can be used in specific boundaries that depend on the input
variables. Sensitivity analysis has simple principle which is ‘change the model
and observe’. It refer to as what-if or simulation analysis, which it is a way
to predict the results of a decision given a certain range of variables.
Sensitivity analysis could be used to help in decision making, functions as the
aids searching for errors in the model and also is a method to predict the output
of a decision if a situation turns out to be different from the key
predictions. This conclude that, sensitivity analysis is one of the tools that
help decision makers with more than a solution to a problem and provides a
related intuition into the problems associated with the model.


measure is a real-valued function that measures the similarity between two
objects. The concept of similarity is fundamentally important in almost every
scientific field. Similarity measure can be described as a function which
calculates the degree of similarity between objects. A lot of similarity
measures techniques have been proposed by many researchers to calculate the
degree of similarity between fuzzy numbers. All of these techniques are
implement due to numerous factors that affect the similarity degree of fuzzy
numbers such as overlapping midpoint, perimeters, and areas. Even though there are
various techniques had been establish to measure the degree of similarity
between fuzzy numbers, but the limitations for the existing fuzzy similarity
measures are still exist.  It is because,
those techniques only can solve similarity problems based on certain selected

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This study aimed
to investigate fuzzy similarity measure by using the sensitivity analysis
method. There are various methods to carry out the sensitivity analysis. In
this research will discuss about the similarity measures that compare more than
two sets of fuzzy models. This research will investigate a system that could be
use to compare more than two fuzzy numbers using selected fuzzy similarity
measures which is based on sensitivity analysis method.