Second that had a lot of life-changing developments.

Second Industrial RevolutionThe Second American Revolution was a history changer. It was also known as the Technological Revolution. The revolution was from 1870-1914, late 19th century to early 20th century. The Second Industrial Revolution witnessed the expansion of electricity, petroleum, and steel. Many things were invented in the Second Industrial Revolution. A few things created were railroads, telephones, the first advanced ship, paper, bicycles, the world’s first automobile, engines and turbines, and modern business management.Advancements in manufacturing were made and the production of technology-enabled a wide spread of technology that already existed. Since there was a massive expansion of telegraph and rail lines after the 1870’s, people ideas started spreading more which created a new wave of globalization. During this time the most important things that were being created were electrical power and telephones. The Second Industrial Revolution was a time that had a lot of life-changing developments. The SIR was mostly in The United States, Germany, and Britain. It also occurred in France, Japan, Italy, and Low Countries. It came after the First Industrial Revolution in the 18th century which then spread through North America and Western Europe. Vaclav Smil called the time of the second Industrial Revolution “The Age of Synergy” because some of the biggest and most impactful innovations were created.A lot of railroads were starting to be created from the at the beginning of the Second Industrial Revolution. Railroads made it so that transporting materials and products was cheap which eventually made it so rails were cheap and more railroads were built. Railroads also boomed the coal industry because they used cheap coal to power the trains. By the end of the 1880’s, there were 75,000 miles of railroads which were far more than any other country in the world had. The German inventor Karl Benz invented the world’s first automobile. It didn’t have wooden wheels like carriages but it had wire wheels. This was invented in 1886. The automobile was completely dependent on itself and its own power without a motorized-stage coach. In the late 1888’s the vehicle began getting sold and quickly became the first commercially available automobile in history. The Second Industrial Revolution was a very important time in history. So many things were created and things started the become a lot more efficient. With the boom of the railroads being created many new options were opened up. Railways were the first way to transport materials fast. Electricity was created during the Second Industrial Revolution which is what our society is based off in today’s world. Everything that we use requires electricity in some type of way. Without electricity, the world wouldn’t be as advanced as it is. Every device or machine we have uses electricity and without those more advanced machines working environments would still be dangerous.