Santorini, Rhodes, Corfu, Paros and Mykonos—whichever Greek island

Santorini, Rhodes, Corfu, Paros and Mykonos—whichever Greek island you go to, you’ll be surrounded by clear blue waters, beautiful architecture, and friendly people. Greece is a great place to visit for people who like to swim in the sea and lounge at the beach, but it can also be an expensive trip. If you want to save as much as you can during your trip to Greece, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips that will help you save money on the Greek islands:Rent an Airbnb: An Airbnb apartment will be much cheaper than a hotel room. You might have to look for a while to find one in a great location and that has all the amenities you want, but it’s totally worth the time. Staying at an Airbnb apartment will also be a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and to truly understand the locals’ way of living. You won’t have room service, but you’ll get to know the streets better. You’ll have an unfiltered view of what it’s like to be a local in Greece.Cook your meals: Part of travelling to a new place and understanding the culture is trying out the local cuisine. However, eating out can be very expensive. What you can do is to plan your meals beforehand. Decide on when you’re eating out and when you’re cooking meals at the apartment. (Hopefully, the Airbnb you rent has a kitchen.) You can choose to eat out for dinner but cook meals for breakfast and lunch. Packing a meal and bringing your own water for when you’re touring during the day or heading to the beach will also help you save a ton of cash. Create your own itinerary: Organized tours don’t come free. You have to pay a fee if you want an expert tour guide to show you around the island’s highlights and tourist spots. To save money, why not create your own itinerary? Before you head to your destination, do your research about the best places to visit, how to get there, and why they’re significant to the country’s culture and history. You can even print out a pamphlet containing information about these places so you can refer to them when you visit. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet a local and make friends with them so they can show you around or help you navigate.Make friends with the locals: The locals in famous tourist spots like the Greek islands are friendly and welcoming. They also know where the best restaurants, bars, and clubs are in the island. They have tips on how to get to tourist spots or where you can buy trinkets and souvenirs for cheap. Therefore, making friends with them will only give you an advantage. As mentioned in the previous bullet, you can also save money on tours if you have a local showing you around the island instead of a tourist guide. Be smart with your transportation: A scooter is a convenient way to get around the island. It’s also a lot cheaper to rent a scooter than it is to rent a car or a car service with a designated driver.  However, if you’ve already prepared your itinerary and you discovered that it will be much cheaper to use public transportation, then go ahead and take advantage of buses and taxis in the island. Of course, you can always walk around, especially if your apartment is in a great location. Hopefully, the beach, restaurants, bars and clubs are just a walking distance from your Airbnb. Travel off-season: During the summer, prices for plane tickets, hotels, and Airbnb apartments are more expensive in the Greek islands. The place is also crowded with tourists during the peak season. If you want to avoid high prices and crowded islands, you can choose to travel off-season. A few weeks before and after the summer is a great time to visit so you don’t completely lose the sun.Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive. At the same time, trying to save money doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice fun, convenience and comfort. With these money saving tips, you can still have the best time of your life in the Greek islands without breaking the bank.