Salesforce idea for disruptive innovation

Executive Summary Platform Wars: CRM – Salesrooms. Com Salesrooms. Com is an enterprise cloud computing service provider. Its flagship products are its CRM and sales applications. Salesrooms. Com helps companies stay connected with its customers, vendors and employees through its social and mobile applications. In the CRM space Salesrooms is one of the leaders with over 100,000 customers. What needs to happen for Salesrooms to win the platform war? In the CRM space Salesrooms is already one of the leaders in the industry.

Their success in the CRM pace in part was because they were not only able to develop a platform that satisfied the needs of their customers but also were able to attract complements to their platform. For its CRM Salesrooms solution has rallied competing market leaders such as faceable, Google, SAP and Oracle. More recently Salesrooms has acquired Heroes which is a platform as a service (Papas) provider. It has launched Force. Com 2 as its own Papas which enables organizations to do away with their traditional infrastructures and build applications on cloud technology. I believe the next step for Salesrooms. M is to continue to leverage its platform dominance and maintain its lead in the CRM space. In addition to CRM Salesrooms has to make a serious venture into ERP solutions. Through the Salesrooms Appeasing some disconnected applications from various providers are already provided. Among them are applications for HCI, logistics, Finance, analytics etc. Salesrooms should leverage their Papas to provide an integrated ERP solution for its existing industry focus areas. How will you disrupt the competition? Integrated ERP on cloud: As Geoffrey Moore advocated Salvatore should target a ingle market first, Retail for example.

For this industry Salesrooms should go all in by planning the infrastructure, software, integration and support requirements needed. Its new venture would have to be supported by the full might of its marketing and sales force and the initial product would have to be well supported by the organization. The pit falls of the technology product life cycle should be avoided and offerings to other industries should be attempted only after it is well established in its first offering. The cost of implementation and support of the infrastructure and software involved in ERP solutions locks away a significant amount of capital.

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The integrated ERP solution by Salesrooms will prove to be a market disruption as it would introduce a cloud managed ERP solution to its customers at a far lower cost of implementing and maintaining an ERP solution in-house. A future vision for your product. The future vision of the cloud based integrated ERP solution would include solution offerings to other industries such as Non profit, Higher Education, Media, Manufacturing, High Tech, Health care, Government and financial services sectors. SUCH-MGM-632 Fall 2013