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Ryan Giap

Professor Wallace

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23 January 2018

Euthanasia be allowed in the US?

 Euthanasia is a topic that people have been
talking about in recent years. Many people define euthanasia as the act in
which a physician assists in helping the patient commit suicide to relieve
suffering and pain. Many Americans consider it a very controversial topic
because of how it deals with someone’s life. 
So far, a majority of Americans believe euthanasia is an appropriate act
that doctors should be giving during recent years. Andrew Dugan, an analyst for
Gallup, says “Nearly seven in 10 Americans (68%) say doctors should be legally
allowed to assist terminally ill patients in committing suicide”. Most of the
people for it have come from 18-34 year olds. The main reason they are for it
is because it will help end the patient’s pain or that the patient has the
right to have that option. Even though many people in the
United States believe that euthanasia should be an option for patients who are
suffering, I believe that this should not be a choice a patient should have
because it will corrupt the practice of medicine, it will have a negative
impact for the nation, and it is immoral.

Americans believe that the doctor should perform euthanasia if the patient
requests it. However, by allowing the doctor to perform this act, it will go
against what a doctor is supposed to do which is healing. Throughout history,
we know doctors as people who heal and help patients. Leon Kass, an American physician,
tells us that “the legalization of physician-assisted suicide will pervert the
medical profession by transforming the healer of human beings into a technical
dispenser of death. For over two millennia the medical ethic, mindful that
power to cure is also power to kill, has held as an inviolable rule, Doctors
must not kill.” They do their best to help their patient get back to health. By
allowing euthanasia, we are making doctors kill their patients instead of
helping them.        

people would say that the doctor is helping them by ending their pain and
suffering. This is true, but it comes with a huge cost which is ending
someone’s life. The evil that comes out of it is far greater than the good. Also
if the patient wanted to die, he can request to be put into hospice care. When
he is put in hospice care, he can die peacefully from natural causes with his
family and friends without medicine prolonging his life. There is no law that
requires you to keep accepting your medical treatment.

reason why euthanasia should not be allowed is because it will impact our
society in a negative way.