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rvice ContractIn this paper I am considering a service contract of a factious company named BR Softechin which the company enters into a service contract with another company in order to provideconsultancy service to another company in the province of California but it may carry out in anyprovince or territory. The aspects of service contract are defined below:Standard Service ContractThis contract is made on(November 2, 2017) between1. BR Softech (Buyer)2. Cygnus Business Consultancy (Service Provider)Collectively referred to as “Parties”.The Buyer is entitled to be provided with the services mentioned below by the service providerand the service provider agrees to provide defined services to the Buyer according to the terms andconditions of the contract.1. Key ServicesThe Cygnus consultancy is contracted to provide consultancy and training and developmentservices to the clients as well as employees of BR Softech in order to make business processefficient. The company is also contracted to provide relevant business solutions for meeting therequirements of BR Softech and making the business process effective and competent.2. SiteThe services can be provided in the premises of BR Softech and can be managed to other locationaccording to the need and requirement. The expenses of the site are incurred by BR Softech.3. General TermThe service contract is made between BR Softech Inc. and Cygnus Consultancy servicesagreeing that Cygnus Consultancy perform consultancy services of BR Softech required by clientthrough January 1, 2018 for one financial year. Cygnus is directed by BR Softech to performservices at various times and duration directed by clients.The fees for the service is $50 per hour of consultancy with that reasonable business travelexpense incurred by Cygnusfor rendering services is also paid by BR Softech. The serviceprovider invoices the buyer through Ellance for the service it has provided on a monthly basis.The agreement commences on the stated date and remains in effect for complete one yearduration. Both parties may terminate the contract by providing at least 25 days notice to the otherparty.4. Warranty by CygnusCygnus is obliged to serve clients in a professional, timely and competent manner byutilizing experience and ability while rendering services. Cygnus is having the right to enter intoagreement with other party without violating the laws and conditions of the stated contract.5. Confidentiality & Non DisclosureThis contract creates a confidential relationship between both the contracted parties andthe information shared concerning a client’s business affairs, vendors, customers, properties andother information assets whether in written or oral should be kept confidential between the parties.Both parties are restricted during and after a term of contract to disclose any confidentialinformation to any person in any condition even upon the termination of the contract.6. NoticesThis contract contains the entire understanding of the parties and may not be amendedwithout any specific written consent of both parties. Any notice given under this contract issufficient if it is in writing and certified by law.7. MiscellaneousThe failure of either party to enforce its rights under the contract at any time for any periodis not considered as a waiver of such rights. This contract may not be amended for any other reasonwithout the prior written agreement of both the parties.As witness the hands of the parties hereto and duly authorized representatives the day and yearfirst above written.Signed By(Buyer)Signed by(Service Provider