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1)      Describe the concept of ‘Marketing’, and
discuss the 5 different marketing management orientations.


 According to me, Marketing
is a broad concept with different explanations. Marketing is such a philosophy
where the organization should examine the needs of the consumers and try to
fulfill those needs rather than concentrating on the competition. Marketing
means to decide the value of any product or any service and later to present or
discuss it to the customers and also to create customer relationships.
Now-a-days organizations are excepting the marketing concepts but consumer
needs are not fulfilled and competition is given more importance.


Marketing management orientations

 Marketing orientation is a concept where the
organization emphasis upon the different methods for creating and producing the
products for the consumers. The core focus is to satisfy the customers. This
bridges customer relations. There are 5 different marketing management


different marketing management orientations:


Production Concept
Product Concept
Selling Concept
Marketing Concept
Societal Concept




It is one of the
oldest concepts in marketing. Consumers always desire for or prefer those
products which are low at price, affordable and are available. The organization
should focus on those products which can be produced more effortlessly and on
those products whose creation and supply would be at low costs and the demand
for such products should be created.




Consumers always
desire for the products that satisfies them. This concept comprises of well
made products for the customers. This concept aims to give good quality
products rather than focusing on good quantity. The new products are shaped
according to latest trends and customer tastes.




This is the
concept where organizations not only produce products but also focuses on
selling of the produced goods. Attractive advertisements are made to attract
the customers and personal selling is carried out.




The marketing
concept is customer oriented concept where the customers are the center of
attraction. The organization focuses on the needs of the customers rather than
competition and aligns all the functioning of the organization according to the
needs of the customers. And by doing such, the company can also the profits




This concept
focuses on the well being of the society. It is such a concept where different
customers are delivered standards in different ways. Welfare of the society and
profits of the company are the main core things to be focused on.






2)      Define the different relationship levels companies
can build with customers. Select a North American company, and describe the
relationships you have with it as a customer.


       Relationship with anyone is the most
important thing. In business, relationship with customers of the companies is the
most important thing. Long term relation with the customers is the key to
continuous business. The interaction of the companies with their customers is
the base of relationship. The interactions are in different forms with
distributors, retailers and direct sale executives.

So there are 5 different levels of
relationship marketing.

Basic marketing

Reactive marketing

Accountable marketing

Proactive marketing

Partnership marketing




When the sales
person directly sells final goods the final customers, this is known as basic
marketing. This can also be known as direct sales.




A reactive
marketing plan is some form of active marketing action plan. This marketing
takes place just because of the unplanned competition. The sales company
ensures the customers that they may call the company for any comments and
inquiries regarding the products.




The customers of
the company will be more satisfied if they get the after sales service.
Accountable marketing is one such marketing where the company after selling the
product calls the customer for the feedback and they can help in solving the
problem if any. Thus the company takes the responsibility of the product and if
anything happens then itself is accountable for that.




The company tries
to improve their performance by working continuously with their large
customers. The companies make changes regularly along with taking care of the
customers. Feedback is taken on regular basis to improve themselves to certain
level. The company develops new products not as a response to competitors but
as their new creations.




An intelligent
association of two or more companies with the intention of making mid-term or
long-term marketing programs arranged to meet each others decided business
goals. Partnership marketing is carried out for brand awareness, product
distribution and program funding.




High margin

Medium margin

Low margin

Many customers / distributors




Medium number of  customers / distributors




Few customers / distributors






There are many
North American companies the products of which we use in our day to day life.
Some companies are Apple, Wal-mart, Chevron and many more.

WAL-MART is a multinational retail
corporation with departmental stores, grocery stores and hypermarkets. From all
North American companies, Wal-Mart is one of my favorites. The reason behind
this is huge variety, self billing system, more convenient as departs are
there, low prices and lot more. In my personal opinion, I have an accountable
marketing relation with this company as it does take responsibility for their



3)      Define strategic planning, and describe how
you can apply this concept if you work as Assistant Director of Planning and
Development for City of Fort St. John.


Strategic planning
is an important part in management process which helps in achieving decided
goals. Strategy planning is a company’s process of defining its strategy and
decisions for collecting the resources to work towards the strategy. It is an
important part of strategic management. A strategy describes how the goals can
be achieved with available resources. It focuses on the employees and
stakeholders who are working hard to achieve the goals. It helps the company to
understand the short-term and long-term goals.

There are steps to
apply the concept of strategic planning which should be followed if I work as
an Assistant Director of Planning and Development for City of Fort St. John.


Steps of Strategic Planning

There are 8 steps of strategic planning process
to be followed.


A team should be
prepared for who will be involved in the planning process. Information should be
collected and should be up to date and as perfect as possible which will help
in decision making.


mission and vision statements

The missions and
vision statements of Planning and Development department should be analyzed,
clarified and should be reached to the general agreement. And a future picture
should be created how one wants the city after planning and development.


your current and future market position

Here SWOT –
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats should be analyzed. Up-to date
information should be gathered regarding internal strengths and weaknesses and
on external opportunities and threats so that one can develop an understanding
in critical situations.


Agree on

All priorities
should be set and agreed as well as strategies should be made for handling
serious conditions and what outcomes will be should also be sought. All team
members should agree on the priorities set.


Put the
plan together

During this step,
all the information and bits of plans should be brought together to make one
plan. After the plan is put together, it should facilitate to implement.


tasks and assign actions

After the plan is
set and is ready to be implemented, work should be assigned to individuals or
teams. Each team or each member who are the part of the plan should implement
the task assigned to them in a proper way.



Once the plan is
made and the work is assigned to all the team members, the whole department should
be made aware of the plan to keep them aligned so that the other members of the
department work in the same direction for the success.


everyone accountable

The results will
not be achieved if everyone in the department is not performing their part. The
performance should be checked with time and should be informed about the same
to the department. People should be make accountable and it should be made sure
that the plan activities are performed properly and corrections should also be




Define Environmentalism. Explain how would you apply this concept if you work
as Marketing Manager of Shell Inc. in Canada?


Environmentalism is
an ideology regarding the health of environment. It is such an act carried out
for the residents of the country, companies and agencies of the government to
safeguard the people’s living environment. It is an effort to balance relations
between human beings and natural systems. It is about making profit while
saving the planet.

refers to the forces marketing that affect the marketing management ability to
flourish successful agreement with its target customers.

If one would be a
marketing manager of Shell Inc. in Canada, the marketing environment in the
company will be divided into two groups:





The factors in the immediate

Actors in micro Environment


•The Company

This refers to the
relationship of marketing managers and other departments of the company.
Mangers consider the plans suggested by the departments and make the final plan
according to the company policies. The other departments or groups include:

Top Management







A continuous chain of
supply is really important in marketing management. To produce necessary goods
and services suppliers provide related resources. Suppliers are considered as
partners in the company to get prospect values.

•Marketing Intermediaries

The intermediaries promote
the goods of the company to the final buyers.

There are 4 types of
intermediaries: 1) Resellers 2) Physical distribution Firms 3) Financial
intermediaries 4) Marketing services agencies.

This may include
transporters, financial agents and a lot others.  


Competitors are the other
players in the same market. Company must gain advantage by positioning the
products against the products of competitors. It is not just to satisfy the
customers but also to serve them better with competition.


These contain any of the
groups that have real passion in an organization’s ability to get to the
objectives decided by the organization itself. Banks, media, government, local,
general public, internal publics are included.


These are group of those people
who are interested in buying the products of the company. This can include
consumer market, business market and institutional market.



 This refers to the outside factors of the
company’s environment.



Human population in one
country or certain area of the country and its features are included in
demographic environment. The population changes with certain time period. Size,
density, age, sex, race, income and other factors are included in it. People are
involved in this type of environment so this is the reason why it is important.
Educational characteristics and population diversity are also included.


Distribution of income, purchasing
powers and buying patterns are the main characters in economic environment. International
countries have higher level of income while developing countries usually depend
on the income gained by the agriculture outcome.

countries may depend on other affluent economies. 


Natural environment
includes those resources that are affected by the marketing activities. It
refers to the availability of the resources. It includes increased pollution,
shortage of raw materials, government interferences and high cost of energy.


Technology is ruling the
present generation. The changes in technology include scientific progress and
development. The advancement of technology has increases the production to
certain level. Smart phones, internet, robotics and many more has been
advanced. Marketers need to understand the technologies of the current time.


Change in policies of the
government, laws, government agencies etc is included in political environment.
Emphasis on ethics, rules and socially responsible actions has grown. The demand
for marketing ethics has increased.


This includes those forces which
affects the values, perceptions and preferences of the society. Core beliefs
and values are important. Secondary beliefs and values are more open to change.




Describe the steps in marketing research process. How would you conduct basic
research before commencing any new Office Supplies Business in Fort St. John?