Road Rage Drivers

Have you ever tried to kill yourself while driving? Well some drivers seem to try it as a hobby. The amount of road rage that is witnessed on todays roads is ridiculous. Im certain that some of these unpatient drivers have a permanent death wish. They think that they own the road and should be the only ones that can use it and that everyone else should be kicked off just so that they can get to where they want to go quicker. They have no consideration to other drivers, all they care about is getting to where they want to be, in the quickest time possible.

Usually they are not even in a rush to get where they want to go or don’t even need to get where they want to go in any certain time. They are not the only people who would like to get to where they want to go quicker, however some people reallise that if it is not important to get there quicker then there is no reason to put your life on the line, but for some reason some people just don’t get it. Do you not find it funny when they speed past you, but then only get one or two cars infront of you. It’s so stupid and very very pointless.

Who would risk their life just to get one car infront of you? Im sure they save no time at all, if they do it is fractions of a second, if that. They get nowhere any quicker, however they just cause hassle which leads to more road rage because people get annoyed with these sorts of people. On a roundabout they pull out in completely the wrong lane because the lane is moving faster, but when they get on the roundabout they somehow need to get into the right lane, which in the end means having to cut people up and start beeping their horn.

Why are they the ones beeping?! They are the ones in the wrong in the first place. They shout and swear at you just because they did not get into the lane as easy as they would have liked to. What can you do though? Well not much. I suppose the only thing you can do is laugh. When they get stuck in a traffic jam, they look for any opportunity to get past you, why can’t they wait their turn? The worst is when it says the lane is murging into one and they move down to try and get further to the front of the queue.

At the end of the day, it is them that is actually causing the queue because people have to stop and let them in. If they just stayed in the right lane to begin with the queues would never happen. So really they cause their own road rage. They don’t care about the other drivers because most of them have four by fours and so they feel bigger and better than anyone else. Also they know that if they hit someone, it won’t be their car that gets damaged so they feel it is fine. I think that we need to get these idiots off the road as they are causing many problems.

It then makes other people angry, which in the end causes more road rage. If everyone obeyed by the rules of the road things would move and be so much easier, but you will always get the odd people who won’t obey the rules. Im sure the majority of people are with me on this case and so I would just like to get a message across. If you want to drive on the roads then either calm down and drive like any other normal person or get off the road and attend anger management classes!