Religion unit HSC

Religion unit religion unit has notes religion and belief systems in Australia post 1945 Contemporary aboriginal spiritualists – Post sass aboriginal spirituality as determined by the dreaming Dreaming Dreaming describes an enormous variety of spiritual beliefs and not a single unified systems; it refers to all that is known and understood by aboriginal.It is central spiritual concept, determines not only beliefs and values and religions with people and the environment Aboriginals believe they are related to the natural world which revises advantages of life and survival in environment also imposes the responsibilities of preservations and education Responsibilities include conservation of natural and social environments by providing laws and cultural mores and taboos to be followed and passed on by elders to next genes Beliefs are embedded in body of knowledge’s transmitted through storytelling Story provides accounts of creation and explain the natural order of all living and non-living things Everything in the world was established by creation ancestors Human, plants, animals and landscape eaters were made perfectly by ancestral beings All that was required of the human inhabitants was to listen, take care and continue to respect earthbound law handed down by the creation ancestors Dreaming stories explain how to hunt and gather food, how the landscape evolved, how to make tools, where clad and ochre’s are found and how to use them in ceremonies Dreaming stories explain the location and purpose of sacred places, connect a place with a particular creation ancestor and sets down what knowledge is secret and what she can be shared Songs, art