Relationships (243). This upsets Duddy, and one day

Relationships are a strong connection amongst one another, and in the Novel  The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Duddy often breaks that connection. Throughout the novel and his lifetime, Duddy creates and then destroys his friendships by misleading them to have trust in him.  Virgil, Benjy and Yvette are a few of many that were deluded by Duddy which lead to unfortunate turnouts, changing the course of the book and how Duddy turns out as an adult. Duddy ruined his relationships because he was manipulative and deceitful. Virgil was one of Duddy’s friends who would seize any moment to help Duddy. Unfortunately, Virgil was victimized easily because he had the physical disability of epilepsy, which made him susceptible to being manipulated. Duddy had first taken a pinball machine from Virgil, but instead of paying for it, he cheats him the money and provides him with a job instead. Virgil was very happy with getting the job because his epilepsy disadvantaged him, but when Duddy got desperate for money to buy land, he forged Virgil’s signature and stole what he had made. “Duddy took a quick look at Virgil’s bank balance, whistled, noted his account number and ripped out  two cheques. He forged the signature by holding the cheque and a letter Virgil had signed up to the window and tracing slowly.” (Richler 304). This shows that Duddy has no respect or care for Virgil at all, and only gave him the job to help himself out. Benjy is Duddy’s Uncle who greatly undermines him and favours Duddy’s brother, Lennie. Duddy is severely jealous of how much Benjy does for Lenni, and all the support and care he gets. “You always brought a surprise for Lennie. I could have been born dead as much as you cared.” (243). This upsets Duddy, and one day Benjy has given his house to Duddy, trusting him not to sell it. Duddy promises his uncle Benjy that he would not sell the house nor anything in it. It was not a sincere promise and didn’t take long before he sold off the house, despite what Benjy had told and given him. Duddy had deceived his uncle, which caused him to further dislike him, ruining their family relationship even more. Duddy had one very close friend, and that friend was named Yvette. Yvette loved Duddy and was the best relationship he had, but he took advantage of her and constantly upset and let her down, causing them to crumble. Yvette went to great extents to be with Duddy, not having approval from her parents because he was a jewish boy, which had lead to her family separation. She over committed to him and he used her as a device to buy the land, due to her being of age and him not. Yvette was also very displeased when Duddy had forged Virgil’s signature, and she urged and begged him not to, but he continued to do what he wanted, not caring about others feelings. Virgil said, “She made me swear I wouldn’t lend you one cent. She says I can’t afford to gamble.” (301). This shows that Yvette is trying to keep Virgil from giving Duddy any money, knowing he would try. It also shows how much Yvette disapproves Duddy’s decision making, and that she is losing trust in him. Duddy lead Yvette on, having feelings for her to start, but later only cared about owning land and overseen what he had with her, once again deceiving and his friends.                It goes to show that whether it be a friend, coworker or family member, Duddy will go to any extent to get what he wants. He stole a pinball machine and money from Virgil, stole Yvette’s heart, life and name and sold Benjy’s house for a profit. No matter who it was or what he had to do, Duddy would misguide, swindle and cheat them out of their own good and into his benefit.