Regardless of the number of bags you have,

Regardless of
the number of bags you have, you always want to add to it. Apart from that, it
is a necessity to own a bag. There is an obsession with bags for some. It does
not seem right to take a suitcase if you are going to spend the weekend at your
friend’s place. Also, you may still need a smaller bag to carry belongings
because even with a suitcase you may need an extra bag for the trip, especially
when you tend to go for vacation or a long trip.

A duffel bag is
a perfect fit for this kind of task!

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Packaging for a Day’s Trip

Carrying many
clothes may not be necessary if you tend to spend just a night. But you will
need to take your toiletries, and maybe some other personal things before you
embark on the trip. A small duffle bag will be handy for packing these stuff if
you are going to your friend’s place to sleep over.

At the bottom of
your duffel bag is where your clothes and towel should be because immediately
you arrive at your friend’s place you will not need to use them. Also, ensure
you travel light, take only an extra set of clothes and your pajamas.
Supposing, you need to take an extra pair of footwear, make sure you carry it
in a shoe bag. Duffel bags do not have shoe bags, so try to make arrangement
for one.

Take you any
material you will need in different pouches such as toiletries so that they are
organized, and you do not have to empty your entire bag at your friend’s place
when you are in search of something.

Packaging for a Long Trip

A duffel bag may
become an accessory when you are going for a long trip, with a large number of
your clothes going into your bigger suitcase. Your suitcase will carry your
footwear, jackets etc. Your duffel bag should carry your passport, travel
tickets, money and all the essential document you may need during your
trip.  You use the duffel bag to carry
things you may need in the course of your trip, belongings such as a book or
magazine, a bottle of water, a pen, your reading glasses, chocolates, mouth
fresheners or chewing gums, a hanky or napkin, etc. In addition, things you may
need to retrieve immediately you get to your destination should be in your
duffel bag for easy access to them. Things like your diary, hotel reservations
etc are part of the items in your duffel bag.

Packaging for a Business Trip

When you on a
business trip duffel bags are a real blessing. When you are going on business
trips or official trips you need to carry two kinds of belongings, which are
professional personal belongings. Need a smart look when you are on a business
trip? You can get that with a leather duffel bag. This bag carries a lot of
belongings and still give a smart look. 
Your laptop is contained in your duffel bag. This is probably the first
thing you will need when you arrive at your destination, so it should be among
the first things you put in your duffel. So, it should be handy. Another
content of your duffel bag should work-related documents. You may carry these
documents in different folders to avoid mixing them up, and so they are well
organized. All other gadgets should be in your duffel bag, gadgets like CDs,
pen-drives, DVDs, extra laptop batteries if needed etc.

Finally, place
the bulkiest and heaviest things at the base of your bag, make sure it is
placed towards the center and pad fragile gear around the base.