Reflection Essay – Writing Essays and Papers

For me, writing papers can be either a challenge or flow easily. For myself, writing papers is a little of a challenge. Over the course of the last few months, however, I have gotten progressively better at the writing process. I have been taught the different steps to successfully writing, analyzing, and the use of critical reading to write a college essay. I have also learned many things about myself as a writer by revising my own papers, also with my long time struggle with procrastination. This class has taught me that college writing differs from high school writing greatly, that peer review (workshops) are very helpful, and how to analyze text and pictures. By being taught these steps and revising my papers, I can use them to develop my further writings in the future to be better prepared for papers.

I have learned that it is important to revise and participate in workshops. By doing at least two different drafts, the paper will get progressively better with each draft.I have also learned if I take a break from writing and maybe come back the next day, it helps to clear my brain, and write/edit better. Peer reviews have helped me a great deal this semester. By other people reviewing my paper, they have helped point out mistakes that I have not noticed. My peer review group partners and I think differently so when we put our brains together, we usually come up with different and new ideas that benefit both of our papers.

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Throughout this course, I have learned a great deal about the different types of analysis. I have learned that analysis is more that looking at picture or text and adding your conclusion as to what it means. Analysis is looking at colors, text, fonts, and expressions to look at how it will affect the audience. It is asking yourself how will it make the audience feel or what will it make them think about. Reading critically is another part of analysis. When reading critically, I have learned it is important to…