Reasons to be cheerful

Imagine being away from loved ones for about five or six years. No one to talk your heart out with, no one to play your favourite games with and, most importantly, no one to be there to love you. But imagine the joy of actually seeing your loved ones again after about five years of being apart. If you, like me, have had this experience, you will know just how great it feels. If not, you cannot possibly imagine the happiness that you feel. It’s the summer holidays and I’m ecstatic; more ecstatic than I’ve ever felt in my whole life. I’m with my dad, whom I haven’t seen for years.

You see, my dad has been working abroad for many years now but I had to stay behind and leave him. The reason? My dad wanted me to study in the UK so that I could get the best education whilst he worded abroad to earn enough money for my university education in the future. Although this could be difficult to comprehend, this makes me love my dad very much. Why, I here you ask? Because this gives me the sense of belief that my dad cares about me very much. This will sound even stranger to you, but just knowing that I’m in the presence of the man who cares about me the most makes me really – there is no other word good to describe it – happy.

But that’s not the thing that makes me the most happy. After being away from him for roughly five years, there are bound to be some problems in my life which I just need to blurt out to someone. Being bullied, exams, being bullied, problems with my siblings and being bullied are probably my main problems. If you are unfortunate enough to be bullied like I have, you will know just how helpful it can be to talk to someone whom you trust. In fact, it’s not just helpful, but it also gives you a sense of… relief.

So, as you can imagine, being able to talk to my dad about my problems make me feel, in a way, fee and this freedom makes me more cheerful. But the best part is the advice I get given: “Don’t listen to them, (name), at least you have the maturity to understand that words can hurt. ” This advice, if anything, makes me feel more… special I guess… You’re probably thinking: surely his dad can’t be that perfect. Well, you’re right. A few years ago, my dad made a huge mistake in his life (which, for personal reasons, I won’t get into). But if anything, this mistake makes me even more ecstatic whenever I see my dad after about five years.

The reason: after seeing my dad again, the mistake makes me realise that every time I go to visit my dad, he has become a better person. This, in a way, gives me the satisfaction that after all the help my father has given me, he is also being rewarded in return by becoming an even better person. But whenever I see my dad, there is always one thing that saddens me. This is that after leaving him, I realise that there are many people in school who just don’t appreciate the fact that their dad, who they take for granted is actually there to help them. So remember: what you take for granted, other people may dream of having. Think about it.