Real Lives or Media Lies

However you choose to believe it, the truth about the reality of teenager’s lives is widely controversial. However, the irrational media seems to have made their decision to present a biased image of the youth of today: ‘Fat kids’, ‘Worst behaved’, ‘Failed Generation’ seem to be the ideas cemented to the skulls of the media, and contaminating the minds of adults in Britain. Is this a civilised world we are living in or is this a universe where war is declared with a community of alienated teenagers?

‘UK teens worst behaved in Europe’, The Sun, Croydon Guardian, and Daily Mail, without question seem to be unnervingly overflowing with sensationalism, scandals and biased headlines on teenagers today. However this corrupt headline strikes me, it insists that teens are the worst behaved in the whole of Europe, yet the survey was only taken with the countries France, Germany and Italy. Hardly the whole of Europe!

On the other hand, some may say you can’t blame newspapers for printing such headlines. Scandals sell. Can we really class the media as money-hungry crooks,

trying the hide themselves behind a curtain of absurd articles on menacing youths to shade their dishonestly? After all when you open your local newspaper, do you see any article, paragraph or even any one sentence on a respectable deed of a young person? Maybe? – Hidden away, secretly in a corner of page 72? Yet all the horrific headlines are displayed on the front page, ‘Fat kids soars 300%’. Why? Maybe because the media is cynical: maybe their only way of selling these biased newspapers is to use shock tactics, moulding every readers mind to believe every teenager in today’s society is a drunken and illiterate criminal.

Mind-boggling statistics spill all over the front pages, ‘One child in three in the UK is over weight’, newspaper after newspaper, all degrade the youth of today. Nevertheless the statistic ‘One child in three’, can’t be truly reliable, we can’t be sure of where they took the survey or how many people they asked. So how can we trust such devious, manipulated statistics? They imply either that we are ‘murderers’ or ‘obese’. Is this what we are really seen as? Are we being discriminated against in an age of democracy?

‘27% of teens agree to getting drunk regularly’, to teenagers this may seem an insignificant percentage, yet it brainwashes the reader’s mind into thinking otherwise. This I believe is a fair point proving that the media are cynical. Why not have printed ‘73% do not get drunk regularly’, I suppose it’s too much to ask from such a biased institution. However, why can’t people see past these counterfeit figures, and see that the respected media does falsify the facts?

The word ‘media’, so proudly spoken amongst the citizens of the UK, is not something to be proud of at all. A dishonest, biased media, with their untrue facts and figures have bent the truth around the minds of people in the community today. The mind-boggling truth is however that citizens still purchase newspapers, the public carry on switching on their televisions; and persist listening to their radios throughout the day.

Doesn’t that appal you?! On the contrary, what I am certain of is that British children are having to persevere with unbelievable and controversial issues written about themselves in the media. For example ‘British children are the unhappiest in Europe’. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I lead a very content life and from my judgements so do my friends, siblings and peers. So why is the media rounding the figures up to ‘All British Children’? In my opinion they should think twice about printing such inappropriate and over exaggerated articles in a newspaper, before they abolish the reputations of all the innocent, considerate and well-behaved children in today’s society.

Reading an article on the speech of young people, makes my mouth drop to the bottom of the room, blinking from sentence from sentence, I’m only feeling one emotion: confusion. ‘Children rarely talk in any depth’ is the main eyebrow raiser. How can it be possible to display such an untrue and preposterous reason against the youth? Do they even know what children are? Have they conversed with a child or, or are they assuming we are rebellious failures! Obscenely comparing us to Vicky Pollard and claiming ‘yeah, but and no being typical words’, in my opinion is ludicrous nonsense.

Every child (as well as adult) undertakes the words yeah, but and no in their language. I may be wrong but surely it is basic, everyday vocabulary. As for comparing us to Vicky Pollard…is that not a stereotype in itself? Little Britain is a comedy and aren’t comedies known for their senselessness? So why is it being taken so seriously? Comedies are simply an over exaggeration of real life, something to laugh at. So why are people such as Andrew Porter from the Sun newspaper studying the untrue facts behind it and claiming it is a ‘clearly well-observed piece of comedy’? There is only one institution to thank for the despicable, or shall I say outrageous stereotype promoted for us, and that would be the media, who with one article can manipulate the minds of thousands.

The recurring issue throughout this topic is not that teenagers are insolent criminals, but that the media sensationalises every newspaper. As for Real lives or Media Lies- I feel we all know the answer to that question. The media does lie. However what can we expect? Their just trying to make a living as anyone would, its part of their job. We all know these sensationalised headlines aren’t going to stop appearing in our newspapers, so no matter how much pain, anger and resentment I feel, I just hope the society realizes what I have realized too, to give all the considerate youths in the community a life free of stereotypes.