Q3. computing will ensure to provide the usage

Q3. TWO types of businesses that should
adopt cloud computing.

The Two types of
business that should adopt cloud computing are information and communication technology industry and Manufacturing industry.

Information and Communication Technology industry

Information and communication technology which is
known as (ICT) in shortcut is now widely being used
in our daily life as ICT is the components and infrastructure that enable
modern computing. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is accepted by
all the electronic devices, networking components and even systems that put
together to grant the people and organizations to interact in the virtual or
digital world. Therefore, cloud computing is a golden opportunity for the ICT
organizations to have in their company as the cloud computing services can help
the ICT companies such as Fujitsu, the number one Information and Communication
Technology company in Japan to achieve more competitive advantages in the ICT
field with other competitive companies which lead to them to achieve number one
ICT company Title in Japan. Here are the 2 reasons why the Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) lead to adoption of cloud computing.

The first reasons
is cloud computing is undergoing intense review at the present time in
information and communications technology (ICT) industry as ICT has a huge market potential in ICT as the
cloud computing is consists of many service models (Cloud software as a Service
(SaaS), Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Cloud Infrastructure as a
Service (IaaS)), services providers and opportunities. So that would have a
huge impact in the ICT industry, for example the service provider offers to the
customer a platform that is located in the cloud computing infrastructure. On
the platform can be created, maintained and developed the applications that the
customer needs. The customer does not control the cloud computing
infrastructure, but the customer controls the applications and possibly the
applications hosting environment configurations, for example Google App Engine.

The second reason
is cloud computing will ensure to
provide the usage of the IT resources through network according to the customer
needs. The resources can be servers, information or data storages, software
applications, services and so forth. Cloud computing ensure that the resources
can be achieved and distinguish with minimal effort from the buyer and service
provider. Here are the one of the well-known cloud computing services are
browsers. The user that use the browser does not necessarily know where the
servers are, and they might not even have needed to know. Besides that, these
services can be used for example with a hand phone, the customer does not need
to have high powered devices because these applications are located in the

Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry
is a type of business sector that turn raw materials or semi-finish goods into a
final finished product such as turning wood into paper or turning various types
of components into a product for example, bicycle. Manufacturing industry are
often being mentioned by plants and factories. As manufacture industry facing a
significant pressure towards the problem to maximize and optimize their
operations, with most of the same field organizations are left with small
amount of choice but to embrace the digital or virtual transformation towards
the organization. From one of the choice are open to manufacturers is taking a
step towards to modernize their information technology setup is cloud
computing. Here are the 2 reasons why the manufacturing industry lead to
adoption of cloud computing.

One of the reasons
are cloud computing makes manufacturers
more agile than their old IT infrastructure. From time to time technology
will continue to advance further with an unrelenting pace, which will open more
opportunities for manufacturers along the way. To be able to capitalize on
these opportunities the manufacturing companies outdated IT infrastructure must
be replace or improve if not the companies will be struggling to catch those
opportunities and lost their competitive advantage towards other competitors.
But with cloud computing who provides services such as Infrastructure as a
service which is known as (IaaS), the IaaS responsibility for the provisioning
of all required resources for the customer’s needs and ensure the availability
of those applications.

Another reason is cloud computing provides manufacturers
access to more powerful resources. Manufacturers no longer need to limit
themselves to technology to host and manage in-house. In nowadays, there’s a
cloud-based solution for just about any type of IT challenge. With cloud
computing, everything from software to raw processing power can be rolled out
with unprecedented speed. The cloud computing is to make advanced IT hardware
and software, making it suitable for manufactures and other organizations that
simply wouldn’t have access otherwise. Besides that, cloud based solutions have
many various types of benefits for all organizations, even for those with
almost reaching unlimited resources. For example, manufacturers that use
cloud-based systems do not need to provide suppliers to access into the
internal system. But by shifting the security context toward a controlled
external security perimeter, you can safeguard all your internal systems while
at the same time improving your collaboration with the suppliers of the