Project prosals

Project Proposals


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Project Proposal


A Small business is a form of a venture that is managed by private ownership and operated by small numbers of employees involving sales of relatively low volume (Ritchie, 2006). These kinds of business ventures are common in many worldwide regions, highly depending on the operating economic system. Examples of small business enterprises include; small shops such as bakeries, hairdressing, photographers and convenience stores. In general, they require a small starting capital on a part-time basis. Small business owners have a knack of creating an intimate relationship with their customers resulting in great maturity and accountability (Ritchie, 2006). Just like any other venture, small businesses are faced with a number of problems. One significant problem is bankruptcy, which results from undercapitalization and most notably poor marketing methods. Many small businesses spend large sums of their funds on modes of advertisements that are not effective. This involves the use of telephone communication, advertising through the yellow pages or use of letterheads and business cards. This should not be the case since we are currently living in world endowed with a very powerful, easily accessible, and effective communication system, the Internet (McGee, 2006).


Due to their natural characteristic, small businesses prove to be well suited to marketing via the internet. This is because it can easily attend to advanced market niches. The ability to adapt to environmental changes is very crucial for any business that is seeking growth and prosperity, small businesses in particular. This involves the creating a website account for the business in question, managing it properly, and feeding it with all the necessary information regarding the business, for the purpose of customer viewing and analyzing. Website development for small businesses is a necessary part for developing an online existence for the business (McGee, 2006). From a conducted research, more than sixty percent of existing small businesses have not engaged in this practice. Therefore, any new business that embraces this new trend is guaranteed of success in terms of advertising since majority of the current generation spends a fair share of their time on the internet.

The main objective of developing an online website for a small business is that it will help to improve the way the target market views the business and to assist in reaching the potential consumer. The other objective for the website to achieve is to attract the customers’ interest. The reason is that grabbing the consumer’s attention is the foremost crucial task. In advertising, it involves competing with the products of other companies; the advertisement should therefore be one that stands out to attract immediate attention. Another objective of the website project is to notify the target market of the goods and services offered by the business. This will involve a presentation of the business’ unique selling proposition, with appeals on low pricing, high quality and convenience.


Concerning this project, one assumption to be held is that the employees together with the hired management are going to accept and adapt to the new changes in business operations, all the while seizing the opportunity of the advantage brought about by the new website. Another assumption is that the management will follow up on individual tasks propagated to the creation, development and launching of the internet website. Team members in relation to the project will adhere to the necessary rules and regulations.

Personal Involvement and Risks

The main people to be involved in running the project are the hired experts that specialize with website creation, development and maintenance. The employees of the business will also be involved in gathering the necessary information that will be fed to website. However, this project is not without its risks. Just like any other venture, small businesses involve risk taking in all its strategies (Ritchie, 2006). Researching, developing and launching of this project will require financial support. The entire funding may prove to be wasteful if the project does achieve its set goals and objectives. This in itself is going to be regarded as a project since it is an undertaking that will involve trial and error, and has not been proven to guarantee any success.


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