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The Audi A6 is an
official auto made by the German automaker Audi, now in its fourth era. As the
successor to the Audi 100, the A6 is made in Neckarsulm, Germany – and is
accessible in vehicle and wagon designs, the last showcased by Audi as the
avant. Audi’s inside numbering regards the A6 as a continuation of the Audi 100
genealogy, with the underlying A6 assigned as an individual from the
C4-arrangement, trailed by the C5, C6, and the C7. The related Audi A7 is
basically a roadster hatchback adaptation of the C7-arrangement A6, yet is
advertised under its own particular separate personality and model assignment. All ages of the A6 have
offered either front-wheel drive or Torsen-based four-wheel drive – advertised
by Audi as their Quattro framework. Second-and third-age A6 models have
imparted their stage to the organization’s All road models. Both petroleum and
diesel forms of the A6 are provided. An extensive variety of motors make
control units with a limit of 190 to 333 drive. These are inline 4-chamber
16-valve turbocharged motors and all the more intense 3-liter units in a V6
setup with a mechanical compressor.


Audi portions its extravagance and comfortable autos
on Psychographics and Behavioral components.

It targets clients from
privileged social gathering, Professionals and Executives from rich families as
they are the general population for whom Audi will be moderate and additionally
they will welcome the mechanically progressed and creative items, which are
likewise noted for their alluring outline, high-bore materials and assemble

A solid brand and a
positive picture are keys to progress for a superior auto manufacturer.

It additionally targets youthful purchasers who love
to drive.

The auto underscores
plan and style as opposed to
speed. Situated as a very much built snappy auto, its slogan is ‘Vorsprung
durch Technik’ in German, signifying ‘Lead by Technology’

Market Segments

Audi has a significant competitive advantage over rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz,
that’s because it can use the global buying power of parent Volkswagen group.

This association not
only comprises six additional brands, but also VW’s regional procurement organizations
in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and China.

Apart from this it employs dedicated & passionate 70k
people around the globe who continuously work to make it a premium automobile worldwide.


USP and Positioning Message

An executive sedan
equipped with powerful engine and dynamic design

Sedan segment for professionals and executives

towards affluent individuals who would spend for an internationally branded
luxury car

as a premium car in the compact executive sedan segment providing elegant
styling & good performance




Pricing strategy

Narrowly, price is the amount of money charged for a product
or service. Broadly, price is the sum of all the values that consumers exchange
for the benefits of having or using the product or service.

Audi rehearsed showcase
entrance valuing when the new item was presented in the market.

Market infiltration evaluating is a speedy passage
value procedure that accept low cost will increase high deals volume which will
bring about bringing down expenses.

 It set a low starting value which is lower
than the possible market cost all together for the brand to
“infiltrate” the market rapidly and profoundly.

By utilizing this
strategy, Audi hope to draw in a substantial number of purchasers rapidly to
the new brand as the item request is exceedingly value versatile.

It likewise accepted
that the brings down cost will win piece of the pie. Once the marker share is
picked up, the cost of Audi will be raised.

Markdown and stipend
evaluating lessens the item costs to compensate clients reactions.

Rebate can be
characterized in to money, amount, useful and occasional though stipends can be
separated into exchange and furthermore limited time.

 For instance, the Audi purchasers can get the
extra part from Germany Motor situated in Petaling Jaya that accompanies
refunds and guarantees.

Product offering estimating is an evaluating
procedure used to offer distinctive items in a similar item extend at various
costs in view of highlights or advantages. In another words, it is the point at
which an organization must choose the value contrasts between the overhaul of
the item or administration.

Audi has distinctive
kind of model of car.The reason for utilizing these procedures is to boost the
benefit of the organization. For instance, there is a tremendous range cost
diverse between Audi S3 and Audi TT.



Audi employs various strategies in its communication. For
instance, Audi as a brand has won the consumers’ loyalty and trust. This has
been possible because of its consistency and reputation in the market. As
reflected to be the brand possessing quality content, consumers despite other
factors still buy its brands at high prices.

The main key point to
the brands localization was social marketing. With the efforts of Audi’s
integration into the market, not only in the products and technology and other
localization aspects but also inclusion of emotional aspects in the
localization process, it made a contribution in the environmental protection field.

Experts reiterate that the idea to win service is the
direction to maturing and performing automotive market. Audi A6L used together
with the 7840 forms new models with complete series. 


It is also good at mobilization of social resources, which in
the marketing concept interprets its integrated market communication head. This
has been Audi’s most successful implementation marketing communication. There
it is highly recommended that Audi as a firm should maintain its consumer’s
loyalty by maintaining high quality in its brand. 


Market dissemination channel is an arrangement of market
organizations that upgrades the physical stream of products and enterprises,
alongside proprietorship title, from maker to customer or business client.

Audi is advancing their items by utilizing backhanded deals
advertising channel. Audi is executing as maker just so it needs different
channels like retailers and wholesalers keeping in mind the end goal to
encourage the trade procedure by chopping down the quantity of contacts

The middle people will likewise help Audi to elevate their
items to the last purchasers with the assistance of mediator, Audi figure out
how to concentrate on create imaginative items instead of occupied on advancing
their items.

Retailing/ Wholesaling

Among the business channel, Audi is utilizing distributer
channel to elevate their items to the shoppers.

Wholesaling is known as all exercises associated with pitching
products and enterprises to those purchasing for resale or business utilize.

Since Audi is the organization that include in assembling items
just, so it needs to experience wholesaling procedure to advance their items by
utilizing creating and spreading enticing correspondences.

In this way, Audi has frame a solid wholesaling base to elevate
to the last clients and it have to get a handle on the main problems
confronting the wholesalers so as to actualize the suitable development

With the solid distributer channel, Audi will ready to
concentrate on their development for items to continue contending in such high
focused market since this market is known as oligopolistic rivalry.