Problems and Solutions

Problems and Solutions




Problems and Solutions

Many people have take alcohol in Australia. It is served in many places such as bars and restaurants at affordable prices. As a result, alcohol abuse has been on the rise. The highest number of alcohol addicts is among the youth. More teenagers are becoming addicted to alcohol each year. This is because of peer pressure among teens. The youth are pressured into abusing alcohol at an early age by their peers. Since they lack proper guidance, they fall into the trap easily. This is an issue as alcohol abuse brings with it many challenges. These issues should be solved so that Australia has a healthy future generation. Many remedies can be implemented to curb this dilemma. These solutions need to be concentrate on the problem so that they solve the crisis permanently.

In a recent study, it was found that one out of every five people abuses alcohol. This shows that there is a rise in alcohol abuse compared to previous years. In teens, this is worse since they are four times more likely to abuse alcohol than adults are. Alcohol abuse causes people to have health, social and financial problems. In terms of health, alcohol abuse causes damage to the liver. Cases of liver cirrhosis have been on the rise because of the youth starting to take alcohol at an early age. There are also short-term effects such as stomach upsets, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Social problems caused by alcohol are losing friends, losing jobs, emotional and domestic abuse and forgetting to do one’s responsibilities. Nobody would like to be associated with an addict. An addict will also have financial problems. All the money they get they use it to buy alcohol. Some of them even go to the extent of stealing to get money for buying alcohol.

These problems can be resolved when detected. The addict should be given adequate support so that the solutions work. The first thing that needs to be done is to enroll the addict into a rehabilitation center. He or she will be counseled and helped to stop the consumption of alcohol. This is the first step towards the healing process. Any health problem that is observed should be reported to a doctor immediately. The doctor will advise accordingly. In cases of minor health cases, they will stop after one stop taking alcohol. Social dilemmas that the addict had can be resolved by making amends. They will have to apologize to anyone that they had offended so that the relationship can be mended. They will have to be more responsible to earn the trust that their loved ones had lost in them. Financially the addict will have to start to be more responsible as to how they spend their money. Since taking alcohol was the cause of this issue, quitting will mean an end to the financial problems.

Alcohol abuse should not be ignored. Everyone needs to play his or her role so that the menace is eradicated. The society needs to be educated about the dangers and risks of excessive alcohol consumption. This will help open enlighten them. The government can also impose stricter rules on underage drinking. They can impose higher penalties on anyone who is found selling to underage children. They can also inflict a jail term to the underage drinkers. This will dissuade the youth from participating in the practice. Alcohol abuse among the youth is an important issue that, if left unchecked, will be a huge crisis.