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Prima Facie Duties was one of the good ethical concepts covered in class.  Prima Facie Duties are multiple duties that are known through institution based on the natural goods of virtue, pleasure, and pleasure given to the virtue or the displeasure to vice and knowledge. According to the ethical concepts handout, “the duties are reparation, gratitude, beneficence, non-maleficence, fidelity, justice, self-improvement, veracity, respect, and enhance or preserve freedom.” 

            Reparation is to make up for a person that committed a wrong. Gratitude is to pay back goods one person has received. Beneficence is to improve another’s condition with respect to pleasure, virtue or knowledge. Non-maleficence is to prevent from hurting the innocent. Fidelity is to demonstrate loyalty and to show honesty. Justice is to give to people who deserve their rights even though people are good or ill. Self-improvement is to improve one’s own capacities. Veracity is different from fidelity, which is an independent duty to tell the truth. Respect is to treat others with dignity. Enhance or preserve freedom is to develop and maintain the conditions that others may act.

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            Prima Facie Duties have duties that are served as an attempt to promote or repay some good and to prevent or punish some evil. The system of having duties gives people the ability to deal with these complex situations without sacrificing legitimate goods or our own principles. There are duties for a reason, which is that people can know what is right and wrong or good and bad. For example, if a person has a duty to lie to someone, then it is immoral. If a person lies to their parents about stealing money from their home to buy drugs, then it is immoral. People can get into serious of trouble for buying drugs from others and for stealing money from people. The police can arrest people for buying illegal drugs. Parents can argue with their kids and punish their kids for taking money from them without asking. If a child asks their parents for money for a good reason, then it is moral.