PRESS mere settling, the authors also took into




New Book Release: What Is A High-Performance Energy Efficient Home? Why
Did We Want One? And Why You Should Too?

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new book release is more of a real-life experience accompanied by professional
insights to help aspiring homeowners. The authors of the E-book narrate on what
compelled them to move to Georgia. Aside from mere settling, the authors also
took into consideration the importance of living in a house that would be
comfortable enough, yet energy efficient.



and Fabian have released a new EBook with the sole intention of enlightening
aspiring homeowners on the need to focus on energy-efficient homes. The new
E-book was launched in the city of Georgia on the 21st January 2018.
The new E-book is now available and can be downloaded for free from BPC Green
Builders website.


the rising cost of living, they had no choice other than considering the most
lenient option at his disposal. The aspect of climate also appears as one of
the prime factors that compelled the authors to consider establishing a
friendly home.


E-book provides a real-life practical lesson on why aspiring homeowners should
consider homes that are not costly in terms of maintenance. Having occupied the
house for slightly above 1-½ years, the authors boldly confirm that it is an
advantage to establish such a home. Aside from achieving zero energy status,
the authors affirm that such establishments do not compromise comfort.


E-book goes ahead to dissect all the reasons that compelled the authors to opt
for such homes. They spill out numerous things they learned from such homes and
exactly why they feel that the deal was worth it.


what exactly are the prime aspects of energy efficient homes? The authors take
time to expound on the two most important aspects of energy-efficient homes
that they had to put into consideration. They do not stop at that. They further
give ideas on efficient energy use and their respective objectives. This also
covers the aspect of energy generation. Among the key things covered under this
include; appropriate insulation, airtight home envelope among others.


about the issue of climate change and how each season relates with energy
efficient homes? The authors talk about how energy efficient homes relate with
summer and winter. This is for the simple fact that the said seasons mark major
fluctuation in terms of temperature. The E-book provides insights on how
individuals can ensure that their homes remain energy efficient in different


In a
nutshell, this new book release ushers in all ideas and insights that could
help in establishing the best homes. All the said ideas and insights are from a
real-life perspective and offered for free. It is just a matter of downloading
a free copy for the best ideas in establishing energy efficient homes.



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