Preparing for war

It’s about 6:30 am on Omaha beach, me and my men are packed on boats, preparing for war. I can see the fear and anxiety on the soldier’s faces and how stress they are, huddled together like a tin of sardines. As Captain of 3rd Regiment I need to be calm, yet I am quietly confident, as I do not want let my men down. I can feel my hand shaking as I take my flask. I need to drink.

Strong waves attack, smashing against the boats, as we were reached the beach. In was in command ‘Keep your mind clear, I will see you on the beach’, I said to my men before the massacre happened. The terror started and horror happened, before the landing craft ramp splashed into the water. The sound of German machine guns and bullets were pinging over the helmets of my soldiers, almost killing all of my men. The Germans were killing us row by row, some soldiers including me try to jump out of the boat to escape death.

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Under the water the zipping sound of bullets continued to fire into the sea around me. When I struggled to scramble to the surface, I saw dead bodies of soldiers floating in blood. The taste of blood made me feel horrified by it all. All rifles and ammunition floatied downwards. Gasping for breath I reached the surface and saw the battle continuing, the madness went on. I couldn’t see the sky, it was gray and bleak because of the explosions, smoke covered the whole battle field. I was in shock, I was Captain, my men were dying, I needed to help my men.

I managed to get to the beach and there was chaos. I saw medics helping my men and I could see lots of bandages and blood on their hands. The screaming of some soldiers made my men in desperate to stay alive. Some men pray to God and I know that although they do not want be there, but they wanted to stay alive. I started to look around to see how many of my men had survive, huddling them together before I gave them command. ‘Run for gun post’, I said.

As all men my men heard the command they start to run. On the front men were dying, some tried to cover behind others, but it didn’t work out, they died in even bigger torment, than those who were in front. I tried to save one of my men by dragging him to safe place. Suddenly, I see a crowd of German grenades coming towards us. They I and, leaving shreds of human bodies around me. At the same time I lay on my knees with my face the in muddy. bloody sand. I could taste the blood of dead in my mouth. I started to ask myself, ‘Why is this battle happening? Why are we killing each other? Why can’t we be civilised people, and promote peace..

At 08:01 a hour , few minutes after, It was not over yet, I could hear screaming of the soldiers and medics scrambling to replenish and save soldiers. I cannot believe that the waves consume the whole sea with human blood, human lives and death fish. I keep in mind the death of my soldiers who died for their country, they safe five times more people. Even now I can’t look into families eyes because I know the would ever forgive me.