. potato producing country in the world and



The expected results are categorized based on
the study objectives and stated by text, graph and table form. All expected
results and significance of the study are given below-

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Status Potato Production in Bangladesh:


Bangladesh is now one of the big potato
producing country in the world and seventh
ranked in globally
and China, India, Russia, Ukraine, USA and Germany were ahead of Bangladesh. (FAO of United Nation-2013) and
within a few years will also be big exporting country (MEGA Group-2016) in the
world. Around 10,00000 farmers engaged in potato cultivation and land size
around 136332 ha
(Banglapedia). Bangladesh
farmers get benefit by cultivation the potato then other crops. In recent year,
potato land size and yield per hector increased. The potato production trend
are given below in the figure-

Potato production trend respectively in Bangladesh. Source: FAOSTAT 2005.


In the
figure revealed that every year, potato production increased in Bangladesh. The
climate and soil condition for potato production in Bangladesh is good and day
by day farmers getting encouragement to produce the potato so increasing the
.potato production.

Local consumption of Potato in Bangladesh:


According to the DAE, Directorate General of
Food (DGoF-2014), annual consumption demand for potato in the country is 6.5-7
million tons and average annual production of potato in the Bangladesh is
around 10.4 million tons (The Daily Sun, 2017). Potato
is now the second staple food item of Bangladesh and per-person potato
consumption rose to 10 times more than that were in 1980 said  Matia
Chowdhury, Agriculture Minister ( Prothom Alo, 30 Oct 2015). The country consumptions 7 million tons are counted
the direct consumption, seed for next year and post-harvest loss. Per year
potato consumptions are increasing since population are increasing and changing
the habit to intake the potato.


Potato export from Bangladesh and Cash Incentives:


the country, 3.4 million tons potato surplus after meeting the local
consumption. In addition, insufficient cold storage facility for storage the potato.
The capacity of existing 400 cold storage are 5 million tons out of 10.4 million tons country production (bdnews24.com. 10 February 2014). So potato
export is essential for farmers and around 1000000 farmers engaged in potato
cultivation. In respect of
quality, taste and price, Bangladesh potato are good competitive than other
Asia countries. Many countries are

interested to buy the potato from Bangladesh.
The main importing countries are UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Saudi
Arabia, Oman, Vietnam, Philippine and Russia. Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed
said the Russian government has shown an interest as their annual demand to
import 1 lakh ton potato from Bangladesh. Pakistan and India meet the Russia
demand earlier but now it banned due to high pest risks. Similarly, other
importing countries are also interested to import the potato from Bangladesh.


The potato export trend is increasing year to year
mentioned in figure-2. In Bangladesh, exports crossed the 70000
tons mark for the first time in the fiscal 2014-15, rising threefold from only
53982 tons in the previous year, according to the Department of Agricultural
Extension (DAE). This is a milestone. We want to perform better in the days to
come. Potato is one of the main commercial crops grown all over the country.

reasons behind the rising of
exportation of potato (DAE-2015) since low prices in the

Potato exporting trend respectively in Bangladesh. Source: FAOSTAT 2005.


market. The exporting companies are able claim 20 percent cash incentive as
government exporting support for encouraging to increase the potato export. The
increase potato export will effect to 1000000 farmers and earn the foreign


11.4. Potato for
Industrial use


Bangladesh, now started to produce the processed varieties like Lady Rosetta, Courage,
Asterix, Atlas and Atlantic which contain high dry matter around 25% but
cardinal and diamond contain 20%. Three flakes manufacturing companies and one
starch manufacturing companies in Bangladesh produce the flakes and starch from
those varieties of potato and export to Europe and other countries. Nationally
and internationally increase demand of value added products like potato chips,
French fries, starch and ­flakes.  The
flakes are used for preparing varied products including mashed potato, pasta,
potato crackers and starch use in food processing, adhesive and textile sector. The four potato processing manufacturing
companies export the finished products equal 20000 tones potato. 


11.5. Analyze the
Countries and Identify the International Markets


for international market for potato export is important. We know some countries
interested to export the Bangladeshi potato but less aware of their annual
requirement and their expected variety. Bangladesh Government can help to take
the initiatives to find out the international market country. Our competitor
countries are India, China and Pakistan so we should progress based on analyze
the competitor countries behavior and performance. We have experience to export
the potato in the following countries so we can in-depth analyze their demand
for increasing the export volume for the countries.