Positive and Negative Genetically Modified Crops (Gm Crops)

In recent years there are so many problems happen to agricultural production. But some experts have found the GM crops to solve this problems. In one way several peoples have opinion that GM crops increasing the supply of logistics, but others say the yields can bring the negative effect to human life. There are some reasons that GM crops bring the good effect to the human being.

Firstly the plant with GMO’s are have many merits, such us it is resistance from germs, have higher nutrition and have much harvesting result.Secondly, the GM crops are not use that danger chemical products like pesticides or herbicides. Lastly, the new generation of transgenic plants have produce the extra gene that will increase the production of meat and milk of the animals. On other hands, some people belief that GM crops can bring dangerous to them. The first argue is because they think when they consume the GM crops, it can be affected to their live. It is due to the GM crops use the pesticides.Furthermore GM crops will cause the chemical pollution to the plants.

Finally, the GM crop will influences the conventional farmer because they result are much longer can be stored building. To sum up, I personally belief that GM crops has many advantages to agricultural aspect. Because it has more nutrition, productive and resistance of pest. In addition GM crops use herbicide which safe to human and the GM crops has extraordinary gene which will increase the production of meat and milk of animal.