Port a fur-lined flat cap greeted us, he

Port StewartBIFF, BLONK, VROOOM!It was all that was exclaimed as the metallic, silver coated automobile clattered down the crumbly dirt road, closer, and closer to the ocean.Finally we reached the tarmac, the rubber tires rolled ever so swiftly across the fabricated road, we passed the most beautiful meadows, millions of poppies, lilies and daisies lay before us, all sprouting up from the ground, trying to absorb as much sunlight as possible. At last, before us lay the all so familiar seaside. I thought to myself, is there anything quite as blissful as a walk by the seashore? It’s like walking through an airy space of sky and sound. The ocean is a jewel-blue and the beach appears as if it has been dipped in earthshine-gold.BLONK, THUD, VROOM!The car rattled down the tarmac road, then onto the soft sand.A man, dressed in a fur-lined flat cap greeted us, he directed us towards a band of cars, which were all parked upon the golden sand, people had set up barbecues, and there was even an Ice Cream Van! I threw of my shoes and socks before I got out of the car, jumping on to the sand was mesmerising, the feeling of relief was unimaginable. Suddenly, I realised, there was a  mist of food scents drifting towards me. The aromas of the foods made my stomach sound like bottled thunder or a lion’s roar. I  could detect flame-grilled sausages and burgers as well as zingy onions. I realised that I was famished and followed my nose, which was guiding me towards the smells. I took one last look at the the jaw-dropping scenery with my eyes. Then found myself demolishing a hotdog. The lightly seasoned pork ground that had been shaped into a link was lying inside a soft, crusty roll. The tangy mustard added to the succulence of the cuisine.I looked around and admired the feng shui, the beauty of the beach.The air was pungent with the smell of salt. The melody of the waves, crashing against the liquid gold sand was soothing, and I was glad to get away from the crazy stresses of life. The strong breeze made my eyes well up, and before I knew it, a tear was cascading down my cheek.I was now in the water, the Atlantic ocean now surrounded my ankles, it was truly refreshing, it was truly peaceful. As I stood there I could taste the salt in the air. I was always fascinated by the sound of the waves crashing against the golden shore, the seagulls swooping overhead looking for something to feast upon. While the strong aroma of sun cream evaded the beach. The beachgoers spring to their feet as they hit the blistering sand. Sitting there for hours, reading books, and playing with the sand; children giggle, and squeal as their sand castles are destroyed by the enormous and powerful waves.I stretched my legs and propped myself down on the sand; with an ice cream in one hand, it started liquefying its way to freedom, I gaze, and watch everyone on the beach. A group of teenage boys played hide and seek with the girls as if they were kids again; the beach really did bring everyone closer to each other. Everything was possible to do at the beach. From the way people act or even the style in which they dress. It represents their unique personality. Balls of all kinds, were kicked, thrown and hit around in all directions while people played volleyball, and football. Sweat dripped down all the players faces after playing hard out in the sun; some race to reapply sunscreen on their dehydrated red skin whilst others race to the ocean to cool off, sprinting into the water, until they trip on the liquid, and gracefully fall. Water is splashed by those who are fooling around, the reflection of their faces was shown on the jewel-blue water, they were all smiling, and happy. In return the current and the waves, combined, to help, by gently sending the people back to shore.The warm rays that had been glowing down upon me, had now began to tire, the sun was not as radiant as it had once been.The day is ending, and slowly one by one, people are leaving after an exciting but tiresome day at the beach; however I could almost see their lively hearts smiling at me. Some people stayed around to see the spectacular view of when the sun sets and make a wish upon the horizon. Finally the sun disappeared into a pool of internal light, and we will now need to wait, until tomorrow, for that is when the sun will rise again, but for now it shall rest.