Police Corruption

Police Corruption In the news, many citizens hear that police corruption has occurred in their neighborhood and country. They hear many cases of officers shooting innocent people or beating citizens. Corruption is to be dishonest. Also, to make dishonest practices like bribery and lack of integrity. Leadership is strictly enforced in law enforcement to be against corruption. Although many may believe that police officers show the best leadership, police officers do not show leadership. Ethics Ethics is a central belief system in a high regard for human worth and dignity.

Ethics is a service to others and a commitment to greater good for more people. In law enforcement ethics is important because police officers serve the community and protect the innocent against corruption, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder. This also respects the constitutional rights of all to liberty, equality, and justice. A police officer doesn’t show ethics when they bribe citizens by payment. (Polanski) Bribery isn’t correct because people have to do whatever they are told to get in trouble with law enforcement.

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Officers should not have the right to bribe even though they have an authority to protect or make people do whatever they have to do. Integrity Integrity is seen as honesty, truthfulness, and accuracy of one’s actions. Integrity is important in showing leadership in law enforcement. Public integrity is the quality of acting with the moral values, norm and rules accepted by the public. Framing is when a police officer threats innocent people just to get money out of them. (Walker) This is wrong in trying to do this because those innocent people don’t have the fault of the officers needing more money.

It is using immoral means to achieve moral ends. Morale Morale is the mental and emotional condition of an individual or group with regard to the function or tasks at hand. It is motivation based on ideas of right and wrong. This is important to police officers because their purpose is to protect and serve citizens. Police officers don’t show morale when they extort people by forcing them to give them money with threats. This is wrong because citizens wouldn’t feel safe on the streets if officers were to extort them just for money.

Officers are supposed to make right decisions and not the bad decisions that can affect their career. Ethics, integrity, and morale are all characteristics of what makes a leader a well educated leader. In any profession there can be awful leaders and great leaders. Like in law enforcement, corruption is also shown in the government where people’s rights are also being violated. Leadership is very important in society because the citizens who live in the country want to feel safe and free.