Plots of Anthem and The Handmaid’s Tale

The plot of both Anthem and Handmaids Tale showcase societies where freedom has been taken away from all individuals, ceasing to exist. Although both novels depict this theme in fairly different ways, where there is no freedom in Anthem, and in Handmaid’s Tale freedom has been revoked from the female population in Handmaids tale. Individuals in these novels are given specific roles, which they are expected to follow rigorously, never to deviate. They aren’t granted even the basic rights to make decisions and think for themselves. The government utilizes many different tactics in order to remove freedom from the population, keeping all citizens compliant; this includes: stripping people of their identity, removing knowledge, limiting choices, and emotional manipulation of the population. Citizens in both plots of Anthem and Handmaid’s Tale have had their identities detached. In Anthem, all characters are identified by numbers, “Our name is Equality 7-2521, as it is written on the iron bracelet which all men wear on their left wrists with their names upon it” (Rand, 4).

Every member of this society receives a bracelet with their number, serving as their identity marker. Handmaid’s tale revolves upon a classist society, where people are not only categorized by their number but also named based on their jobs. Guards are referred to as Angels, maids are referred to as Martha’s, and the women of lowest class, the Handmaids are named after their owners. Of Fred, becomes Offred and Of warren becomes Ofwarren, this refers to the fact that these characters are are property, as in property Of Fred. “Has Ofglen been transferred, so soon?.

..I am Ofglen, the woman says and, of course, she is, the new one, and Oflgen, wherever she is, is no longer Ofglen” (Atwood, 353). Similar to Anthem, Handmaids also have numbers tattooed onto their ankles to differentiate between them. The removal of a citizen’s names destroys self-identity a…