Personal Statement Essay

The college secretary came to fetch me from my first class, said she was sorry that she had to inform me of such devastating news. She did so, then left me to sit all morning in the college sick bay. The morning sun poured in through the left side window, but I suddenly felt cold all over. I turned to face the wall trembling. My head was spinning. I couldn’t tell whether I felt shocked, angry, upset or all three. Later, the nurse came in and brought me some food. I counted the bells which were knelling classes to a close while I tried to force bitter-tasting sandwiches down my throat.

After a while, I began to feel a little drowsy. I shut my eyes and saw a soft, swirling fog. The billows of fog lulled me into a deep, dreamless sleep. I slept until the next bell awakened me, and I pulled myself up, confused. I shut my eyes and pictured the swirling fog again. This time it felt as if it were choking me, wrapping itself round me, strangling me. I opened my eyes, forcing the image away. I let out a long breath, and stared at the wall. The tiny roses on the wallpaper appeared to fade behind more billowing fog. I suddenly wanted it to wrap me inside it, disappear into thick walls of fog and never come out.

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At two o’ clock the receptionist came back and told me that our neighbours had come to collect me and take me home. Of course I was relieved at the thought of going home but my mind went blank again as soon as I remembered why.

When we finally got home, I saw my father standing in the porch. Usually he would greet me with happiness and laughter but this time it was different, just as the rest of our lives would be. I ran to the porch only to witness something that I had never seen before. My father was crying, and he looked as though he had lost everything. He had always taken funerals in his stride. He used to tell us that we should always try to deal with difficult situations without difficulty. I also remember my mother once saying that death never comes too late’, well that was certainly true in this case.

One of my father’s friends, big Jim Evans was standing with my father. He was uncomfortably trying to console him and saying how it was a hard blow, then I left them to talk about the ‘adversity’ as they called it. I walked into the house in a daze, looking for my mother. My head still hurt from earlier but I felt much better. It helped to see my little brother, the baby who cooed and laughed in the pram. I stood there for a moment and watched him rock the pram. He was too young to understand, he seemed confused and bewildered but still laughed and giggled in his pram. “If only you could understand”, I thought. But having thought that, it was good to see something happy, that brought a sense of normality to the day.

As I walked further into our house I felt honoured but embarrassed by old men who stood up to shake my hand. It felt awkward, older men treating me as their equal

with respect, I could usually walk through here as many times as I liked without being noticed at all by anybody. The old men gave me pitiful smiles and told me they were “sorry for my troubles”. I gave them nods of appreciation and walked on to find my mother. I could hear people whispering, informing strangers that I was the eldest, away at school as I walked past them. I had that strange feeling that you get when you know that people are whispering about you right in front of you. I know that they were only pitying us but I really didn’t think that there was any point in whispering about me when I could hear their every word.

I saw my mother and quickly ran over to her. I gave her a long hug as she clasped my ice-cold hands and held them tightly in hers. We had barely said a word. But then what was there to say? Nothing that we didn’t both know already. Mother was not crying but I could tell just how upset she was. She coughed out angry tearless sighs, I know she was trying her very best to hide her true feelings from me but seeing her like this was just as disconcerting. I decided that I just couldn’t. I pulled my hand free of hers and ran upstairs, I just couldn’t bare to look at her in this state any longer.

At ten o’clock the ambulance arrived with the corpse. I heard them come in while I was in bed though not asleep. I couldn’t sleep but I didn’t want to get up. I would go to see him in the morning. The next morning I went up to the room. I hesitated for a while, but walked on. I didn’t know if I would ever feel normal again.

Personal Statement Essay

Since my early childhood years, I have had interests in pursuing a finance career. I was born in a family where both parents were bankers, and this was one of the primary motivations to pursue this career as I also admired the way they worked. This also acted as exposure to the world of business at an early age. My parents also used to say that when I was young, I used to wear a happy face whenever I touched money, counted or told to take the money to someone. When I was in school, I read a book that exposed me to the structure and sense of finance and came across concepts such as assets and liabilities something I always discussed with my parents.

At the time I had an opportunity to join a small course in my school which concentrated on the finance aspect of life, and I learned of the advantages of pursuing a course in finance. Before this, I had earlier learned an optional subject in high school that mostly dealt with the interdependence among nations, wealth and global economics. The course also made me aware of the advantages of one pursuing a degree in finance especially a masters one as compared to other courses since it was in the way of trying to recruit students who would later join the finance industry at our school. Among the many advantages, I learned in this course were that a degree in finance would not only be beneficial to me in the job market but also help me in my personal life. The course had numerous advantages bearing the competitive job market where everyone has to be equipped with adequate experience and qualifications. Masters in finance would also be instrumental in offering me with the competitive credentials that are required by employers so as to secure employment.

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The main advantage of this master’s degree that built the interest in me to pursue it was that I would be able to learn while am at school.  This is because the nature of which the course is taught is practical just like the everyday working at the workplace. This would help me get equipped with the required practical skills that may be needed by the employer so as to have an easy time while working. The course is also taught at a pace that gives the students a taste of the profession since they hardly have free time during the weekends on weekdays thus equipping me with the skills of bearing with a tight schedule. Taking with the tight schedule, it would have left me equipped with the skills of self-management that are very crucial in the finance industry.

Another motivating factor learned that inspired me to pursue the course is that it involved a good theory that will be instrumental in sharpening my knowledge in monetary theory. The finance theory would be relevant to me since employers need both the technical and the academic experience when recruiting their employees. Additionally, the finance course is known to cover up to 70 percent of the chartered financial analyst (CFA) qualification which is internationally recognized and would add up my appeal to the employers and increase my chances of securing employment immediately after school or even while in school.

Personally, the master degree would be imperative in enabling me to be a master of my money since I would not have to hire external financial experts to plan for my money. Despite being able to plan for my finances, I would be equipped with both the theoretical and practical advice that leads to people being rich. It was evident that those people with degrees in the field of finance, have more wealth than those in the other areas since they are taught on building wealth which is better than cash. Having a master degree in finance would be crucial in knowing the best tax breaks in the economy. This is because many people waste a lump sum of money in extra taxes since they lack the knowledge of money saving. Therefore the knowledge would enable me to know how to keep my costs low for easier wealth building.

Specializing the finance field would also put me at a better place in the job market because as compared to other professionals that are fixed to certain jobs, finance master degree would give me a broader field of choosing where to work. With the master degree, I would be in the position to work for banks, private businesses, non-profit organizations as well as being an entrepreneur. I would also be at the position of venturing into the writing of financial articles and magazines if I had the master degree in finance. Also, losing a job wouldn’t be so hard to me because, with the large variety of places to work in, my chances of securing an employment again would be easy.

Specializing in the field of finance also would enable me to enjoy the increasing number of job opportunities in the area because businesses are always in need of people who can help them with budgetary and financial information that I would be well-equipped with. Bearing the small population of people with fiscal and financial knowledge to handle such responsibilities then, it would make me not only indispensable, but it was thought my most experts that the field would experience major job growth.  This makes the master degree in finance a course whose need would never cease.

Pursuing a master degree in finance would also enable me to be exposed and associated with reputable universities where such a master’s degree is offered. Since the course involves visiting banks and other financial institutions thus exposing myself to potential employers who may offer me employment upon completion of the course. In some instances, finance students were known to secure employments during the visits to such institutions something that has given the course a better place regarding obtaining employment. Also, the exposure with lecturers who have years of financial practice would enable me to get their help when looking for jobs since they have networked with various employers. Also, pursuing this degree would put me at a place where I could get top- notch internship to great enterprises while in school, an exposure that is useful in building one’s career.

Additional to the exposure while in school and knowing how to build wealth, finance careers were known to pay well as compared to other professionals. If I one could secure the lowest job in finance like that of a budget analyst, I can b at the position of earning more than 70,000 US dollar annually and for those in the high levels of the career field like financial managers or economists, I would be in a position to take home more than 120,000 US dollars annually. This is good pay that will be in line with my qualifications. Also, jobs in the finance field were known to have high job security as they provide specialized services that are needed by businesses.

With such advantages, my love for money and specializing in finance increased. I started visiting my parent’s hardware shop and write receipts for customers as dealing with money was now my hobby. Upon completion of my higher diploma in banking and finance, I was able to contribute to my parent’s business with a new and straightforward Excel system that made the accounting at the hardware more comprehensive and transparent. My parents were as happy about it as they realized that the profits they were earning before increased since the money that was disappearing with corrupt employees could now be accounted for.

My parents sponsored me to pursue a degree in banking and finance so that I could increase my skills in the field. In the course of study, I got much exposed to people who were in the top jobs in the finance industry, and I came to look forward to being there. I came to learn that with the competition in the job market one had to have higher qualifications so as to outshine the rest and secure the top jobs.

Also, the university education will offer me with the required practical education and also the option to learn the real-life experience, something I cannot refuse since am so optimistic about being successful in the finance field. I also want to place myself in the best workplaces and want to return home better skilled in the finance industry than my parents.

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