Personal life

The crowds became stronger, the traffic louder, buildings taller. I lost my grip on my mother’s hand but she didn’t notice, I stumbled but once I had picked myself up I had lost her and I had lost sight of my father’s head- the crowds had pulled me back and were blocking the path to my parents, then panic hit me and the city pounced on me. It began to push me forward and pull me back like the tides of the sea; I couldn’t fight the current of people and now the city had me in its concrete grasp. I tried to shout but was being silenced by the marching and chanting of thousands of bodies all struggling against me.

I started to look around in desperation for a patch of space, somewhere to escape this onslaught if only for a second. Then I spotted my chance through the murky waters of the crowd, it was a perfect island of bright green grass nestling in amongst the blank faces and metallic structures. I had to go for it so I summoned up my strength and powered through the legs of these strange, confusing people until I reached it. As I approached my new found patch of land I soon realised it was more than a small patch but a vast open area.

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Despite my bewilderment at this shining green field in the middle of the dreary city I looked back hoping to spot my parents. I was looking out for my mother’s shimmering blue dress or the old torn leather jacket that my father loved to wear, but I was greeted only by ocean of gloom that I had just escaped from. I knew that I was not going to find my parents alone; I had to tell someone who would help me. I surveyed the people in my field and saw that there was a tall, sinister man with a dark beard looking right at me; fear gripped me by the stomach so I turned and ran. I ran and ran until I could feel hot, lactic acid burning in my thighs.

I needed a police officer urgently as they would be the only ones who could help me now. As I began to walk through the field I spotted several signs saying the same thing, I could only understand one of the words on the sigh though- park. So, I was in a park. It was the feeling of loneliness that held me back. It was as if every time I took a step forward I was getting more and more lost in my thoughts of what might be around the corner. Anything could happen to me without my parents to protect me. I began to cry, so hard in fact that I could taste and smell the salt from my own tears.

I wanted to give up and cry; I sat on the ground and wept. I was wiping the tears from my eyes when a man emerged from around the corner ahead of me; for a split second I thought it was my father but instead I looked up in horror to see the bearded man that I had ran from earlier. He remained silent but reached inside his torn up leather jacket and pulled out a kitchen knife. The smooth, silver blade was shimmering like the sun’s rays reflecting off the still waters of a calm lake. I wanted to run but my legs were weighted down by the intensity of my fear. I could not even scream or shout, and then he lunged at me.