Personal life

He was woken by his alarm and the five o’clock news, in conjunction with his mother’s repetitive attempts to wake him up with phrases such as “We’ll leave without you. ” The morning seemed so rushed, and hectic as he slid out of his bed and traveled towards the bathroom. His sister whizzed past him as she stumbled down the stairs to eat, with her father following her, struggling to carry her bags, which seemed to be over-flowing from the sides.

An hour passed and he had finally got ready, finished off his packing and was downstairs eating his breakfast, however he was unintentionally interrupted by the loud noise of a car horn. “That must be our cab,” exclaimed his mother as she dropped her piece of buttered toast on her plate and rushed to open the door. Finally, after about 10 minutes of pushing and shoving, they successfully loaded the boot of the cab without having to leave any bags behind, although a few of the bags seemed slightly unnecessary to take with them.

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The boot door was closed, and they all entered the back of the registered black London cab. He was the first to enter the cab, and so had a window seat. Everyone started muttering amongst themselves about the journey they were about to embark upon as the cab driver drove them up and down the winding roads of his hometown. His face was turned away from his family, and towards the window, which he stared out of. Patches of mist appeared on the window as he breathed rhythmically in and out, occasionally with the interruption of the odd yawn.

The winding roads were very calm and tranquil, however this was soon changed as they entered the motorway, and the cab had to wait quite a while before it was able to turn into the stream of zooming traffic. The sun was rising in front of them, and the blinding view made his eyes water. He lifted a small navy blue rack-sack from beneath his feet and started to rummage around in it, as if trying to look for something.

He suddenly stopped and retrieved a see through plastic bag, in which there were a couple of neatly made sandwiches, which his mother had packed him, as she knew from experience that he always became hungry on long journeys. He carefully untied the knot and started to chew the soft white bread, cheese and fresh crunchy tomatoes. He glanced out of the window once he had finished his mid morning snack, and noticed a big blue sign saying ‘Heathrow, 2miles’ on it. It was not long now till he would be sitting in an aeroplane, ten thousand feet above the ground, for the very first time in his life.

Feelings of excitement mixed with fear entered him all at once. He was not sure what to expect. His mother glanced at him, and then comfortingly nudged him whilst reassuring him that it would be okay. The cab stopped as they reached the airport and the driver opened the boot and started to take the bags out and place them onto a trolley, which his father had brought out from inside the airport. He helped with a few bags, and then stared up, as an aeroplane whooshed past and seemed t make the airport rumble.

He did not seem so scared anymore, as he saw so many people at the airport who did not seem to be worried. His parents went to join the queue to find out details about their flight, as he and his sister went towards the seats where they found a row of four spaces, which seemed to be ideally left for their convenience. In front of them were six large screens, with numbers and names of places flicking every so often, with the odd call out about details of flights from the speakers.