Personal Life

I am an early bird; I usually get up around 5 or 6am, when my alarm erupts into noise ,it’s like a bomb going off. On the other hand, on a Saturday I am not an early riser at all. If I had my way, I wouldn’t be up until 10:00am, however on a Sunday don’t expect to see me up before, at least 2:00pm- honestly!

After the silent struggle of waking up, I dash in the shower just after my Dad and just before a grumbling brother- who for the record really isn’t a morning person. For a boy I have to say I do spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom, getting my hair all right, just the normal stuff really.

For breakfast, I usually eat a bowl of low-fat cereal with some semi-skimmed milk and an egg on the weekend. Some days as I’m so pushed for time, I may just skip breakfast and have bacon sandwich at break time.

Next, it’s time for the uniform, most days I’ll have a fumble through the laundry until I find something prim and proper to wear. Some days though I will stick something old and smelly on- spraying a lot of deodorant in the process. I always try to get away with some degree of scruffiness but Dad catches me and gives me a rollicking for some rubbish like disrespecting the school or something.

At this point I frequently try and weasel my out of school by coughing like an old man or saying I’m terminally ill, but my parents are wise old dogs who know every trick in the book.

Dad generally leaves early in the morning so if the trains delayed he can drive us to school. It’s become a habit of mine to be that slightly bit late just to irritate him.

In general, though I’m a very organized person, I always try to get my work on time. I guess it’s just because I hate the feeling of being left behind with anything, I just dislike missing out on stuff even if it means I’m working until the early hours of the morning.

When I get on the train, normally at 7:25, which sadly is frequently delayed until 7:45. The train is such a depressing place it’s like spending the weekend at your grandmothers flat. However, Wednesday’s are quite fun though because more kids get on the train on those days.

In truth, I enjoy school largely because of my friends. Also, I hate being by my self. Another reason for coming to school is for my girlfriend Hannah, who I see every chance I get. I try not to let this hinder my schoolwork, but sometimes it does and I lose concentration.

At lunchtime, I mainly spend my time messing about with friends, or eating from the vending machine. On my birthday or at Christmas I save every single penny so I can buy stuff from the vending machine. That’s also why I started a paper round on Saturday mornings, from which I receive 5 pounds an hour. Although I do spend a lot on my self, I also buy other people things instead of spending it on the person who earned it-me!

Following school it’s either rugby practice or it’s back to Durham library to do my homework. I always try and make time to see Hannah but homework normally comes first. I hate not seeing her because I just want her to feel special. I always try and do my homework before I see her so I’ve only got her on my mind.

Apart from my uniform, my clothes are quite common. I don’t have really nice and smart clothes but sometimes I think I should. Mostly I wear the same shabby shorts with a ragged hoody. I tell myself that I look smart and that I hold some sort of integrity- but I’m told I don’t. On Sunday if anything, I dress worse but that’s just because I have my paper round on a Sunday morning.

I really enjoy doing my paper round. It brings in some extra pocket money and I always enjoy reading the news. I’ve always dreamed of becoming journalist. Maybe it’s because of the constant thrill of never stopping and being on the go all the time and never stopping. Perhaps it’s because of the travelling, the ecstasy of experiencing everything the world has to offer and the joy of knowing you have done all that you can possibly do in this life. However, right now I am concentrating on my exams and achieving my potential so that I have a foundation for future jobs and experiences.

I often worry about what I might do in the future; sometimes I just let my imagination run riot and dream up off the wall ideas of the opportunity’s that might come my way. I love to dream. I genuinely believe that I will make something of my self and become very rich.

I also, often lose sleep over what people think about me and what I could do to make peoples thoughts and feelings change towards me. I am sure in the future these are aspects of my psychology that will make me a very grumpy man, but that’s all in the future right now I have to go to sleep. Harmony at last!