Perceived et al., 1993). However, a complete nature

Perceived value is frequently gestated as a consumer’s judgment of the ratio of perceived benefits and perceived costs (Monroe, 1990; Zeithaml, 1988).Numerous researchers have explored the nature and predecessors of customer satisfaction in a scope of consumer goods and service contexts. (Danaher and Mattsson, 1994). The perceived value is a crucial concept to marketing scholars since it may change the direction (satisfied/dissatisfied) and the degree or intensity of satisfaction/dissatisfaction experienced. (Spreng et al., 1993).  However, a complete nature of the connection between perceived value, satisfaction and purchase/repurchase intentions has not been specified. When it comes to new product designs like wearable technologies that can combine internet connection, data access, health tracks, there is a need to investigate it deeply with its dimensions.

Rintamäki et al. (2006) argued that creating perceived value is a requirement for businesses to exist and improve in the aggressive competitive market. Therefore, it is necessary to deeply understand the effects of perceived value on purchase intention in wearable technologies context.

Prior research has empirically verifies the power of perceived value on user behaviour in a various such as traditional shopping, online shopping and mobile shopping (Yang Liu et al., 2015).

Although, existing researchers mainly concentrate on the general perceived value, and less attention has been paid to the dimensions of perceived value.  In the context of wearable technologies, customers not only seek for perceived usefulness but also inquire social images (value), such as interaction with others and the self-fulfilment (Holbrook and Hirschman, 1982; Rintamäki et al., 2006). Therefore, this research breaks down each dimension namely perceived benefits and perceived risk into three dimensions as perceived enjoyment, perceived usefulness, social image and financial risks, performance risk and privacy risks to examine the power of perceived value on purchase intention in wearable technologies context.

This will be the first study examines the perceptions of the risks and benefit associated with acceptance of the wearable technologies. And  the privacy risk has not been tested as a variable in a content of perceived risk Therefore, this study will offer a complete understanding of how perceived value influences the user behaviour in wearable technologies context. This research will also provide suggestions for wearable technology producers, business development and marketing managers as to how to attract and retain users. ttps://