Should parents spend their money on designer clothes for their children

For years now, parents have been spending a fortune on designer clothing for their children, but what is the point? Why are children so obsessed with designer clothes? I am going to write about how designer clothes are a waste of money. Also how they put so much pressure on children at such a young age.

There are many reasons why designer clothes are a bad idea. Statistics show that the average ten year old knows of over 400 brands. As well as the fact that in this country alone over �30 billion is spent on designer clothing every year. Now how much of that is your money?

The extra money spent on designer clothes could be spent on so much more. A pair of jeans could cost up to 3 to 4 weeks supply of food for your family. Every day, roughly 150, 000 people die. Most of these people die from starvation. If people spent as little as a pound less on clothes and gave that money to a charity the numbers will rapidly decrease.

Children grow so quickly out of clothes. Why spend so much money on designer clothing when it is only going to last them approximately 5 months at the most. Giving them what they want, when they want it means they will think they are in control. Designer clothes lead to pester power. Previous generations would have been happy with second hand clothes and toys or hand made goods but children now need to have the latest style of clothing or mobile phones and MP3 players. But why? Advertisers only need to get the idea of expensive items into the head of one child because they know this idea will spread like a disease. They know children are more gullible .The wearer also pays to advertise the product.

Designer clothes are mainly made in sweat shops. They are basically no different than none – designer clothes. You pay about £15 to £20 for the little symbol or sign on the edge of the clothing or on the label! The owners of these companies are becoming rich off the money you are giving them for the small amount of thread used on their symbol.

Parents think that their child is so unique and special. Designer clothes limit individuality. You are paying to make your child like everyone else not who they really are!

A lot of children are put on pressure to conform. Instead of learning at school, their heads are filled with horrid ideas of being bullied because they cannot afford designer clothes. Your children are doing this to them! Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if there was not designer clothing?

Designer clothes need to be taken of the shelves and out of your children’s wardrobes. Make them start to take no for an answer instead for a change! By doing this, you will help your child grow as a person. They will thank you in the end for not helping them become self-centred and greedy.