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Hammurabi is a well known Mesopotamian king that ruled the Babylonian Empire in the 1700’s B.C. He felt the need to make a set of laws as he started to conquer more and more cities and realized he needed a way to keep order in the empire he was creating. Therefore, he wrote Hammurabi’s Code – a set of 282 laws universal for all the people that he governed. 
The code was carved into a stone monument that was seven feet tall, and had an image of Hammurabi standing in front of a sun God atop it. Upon reading the code, one could see that it, in most ways, is very different from our society and our laws today. Society back in this time valued very different things, and the code focuses primarily on crimes and punishments based on gender and social/class standings. 
There are few laws in this code that can be paralleled positively to modern day society. These are things such as not being able to get remarried without a proper divorce, being fined for committing crimes such as theft, and having to repay loans. Whilst there are some similarities, most of Hammurabi’s code went a bit too far. Many of the laws exemplify women as if they were property of and inferior to men. Fortunately, in the 21st century, we have strayed from this way of thinking for the most part, realizing that women can be just as independent, empowered, and critical to society as men are. 
There are also many laws in the code that focus on punishment for things such as adultery, murder, incest, and disownment that have punishments that go as far as death, losing a limb, or being thrown into a river. Whist these things still receive serious penalty today, most would be via jail sentences and fines. Lastly, it is seen throughout the laws how an ‘eye for an eye’ is used such as in clause 96, which is an outdated practice. As the super cliche saying says, ‘an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.’
In conclusion, Hammurabi’s code might have been a good societal code for the time, but in the twenty-first century, it would be considered outdated compared to our current laws set in place. The code did impact our society, setting the foundation for laws in the future. We have adapted the laws, changed them to fit the needs of our community, and rewritten them in things such as the constitution. All the laws we have today are based off of things such as the code. We still use values like the importance of life, as is represented in the code, and is still seen in documents such as our bill of rights today. Therefore, Hammurabi’s code was an incredibly important piece of work that positively impacted 21st century civilization. 

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