Over done more harm than good in our

  Over the last century, improvements  in field of technology accelerated. Today we can access world knowledge by a smartphone. However, technology not only has positive aspects but also harmful effects in our lives such as leading ti health problems and damaging to local economy.   One reason why i think technology has more harm than good in our lives is that technology causes health problems. Because of the over usage of technological devices like smartphones, tablets and computers, we are being exposed to great deal of radiation and our DNAS are being harmed. According to the National Institutes of Health cell phone radiation caused the DNA damage during the 4 hours of experimental condition. Nonetheless, this study suggested that cell phone use may increase DNA damages by electromagnetic radiation and other contributing factors. Technology is also effecting our mental health by making people asocial and obsessive. Internet is related with technology and makes people addicted to virtual world. Therefore, technology is effecting people`s health negatively.  Another reason why i think technology is harming our lives is that local economy is being harmed hence local retails can not maintain their conditions. According to a website Clark, some biggest names in traditional retail have closed more than 5,000 stores this year because of slumping sales and increased competition from global sellers. In short, due to the mass production which is created with technological developments, local sellers are in danger and also unemployment rate is increasing because one machine can do everything instead of hundreds of people.    According to some people, technology has been effecting people in beneficial way like advance in knowledge and mobile technology according to them they can gain numerous information from internet and thanks to the mobile technology they are able to talk with their family and relatives who are far away. From my point of view all knowledge that internet contains may not be true because everybody can use internet and share some incorrect information also talking via telephone is killing real communication. People do not talk face to face anymore because they can speak through telephone  In conclusion technology has been developing too fast and gas done more harm than good in our lives like health problems and economical difficulties in developing countries. In my opinion people should spend more tine in real world instead of virtual one and improvements in the field of technology should be slower.