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On Saturday 4th of November, Prime minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri resigned from office when he was visiting his family’s home country The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the speech proceeding his resignation, Hariri said the atmosphere in Lebanon was similar to the one that existed 12 years ago right before the assassination of his father, former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, this also lead to Saudi Arabia saying that lebanon had declared war upon their country. “The cold war in the Middle-East” To understand what’s happening in Lebanon right now, you first need to understand the cold war raging between Saudi Arabia and Iran.Iran’s government is a Shia Muslim; while Saudi Arabia’s government is Sunni Muslim. The two countries represent two completely opposing ideological and political sides and have spent many decades fighting each for dominance and influence in the Middle East. But instead of openly waging war, Saudi and Iran back opposing political factions as a way of exerting influence and control, just like the US and the Soviet Union did during the cold war. Like the wars we have seen in Korea and Vietnam we can see conflicts playing out in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia with US military assistance is currently engaged in an air war against Iranian-backed Houthi fighters. This proxy war had played out in Syria during the civil war and other parts of the Middle East, and now because of the Hezbollah threat, we could see another war in Lebanon.”The Lebanese Civil War of 75 to 90″Between the year 1975 and 1990 Lebanon was embroiled in a civil war between the Christians and the Muslims that tore the country apart. There were many parties involved, on the Christian side we had the Christian militia in Lebanon, Israel and the United States of America, on the other side, we had the Muslim militia later renamed and reorganized as Hezbollah, the Syrian government, and a few other parties. The Lebanese civil war was a devastating conflict ending with roughly 380,000 dead or injured and with Lebanon still struggling with many problems from the war, from our infrastructure to our very poor economy. The civil war also saw the rise of the Hezbollah group backed by Iran.”Hezbollah, who are they?”Hezbollah is an organization that has emerged out of Lebanon with the help of Iran during the Lebanese civil war, and they eventually drove back the Israeli forces. After Israel withdrew from Lebanon, Hezbollah resisted pressure from the United Nations to disarm and decided to continue to strengthen its military wing as Iran was still backing them. In some ways, its capabilities now exceed those of the Lebanese army, as shown when they went to war with Israel by taking two soldiers hostages that caused the month-long 2006 war. The group also gradually became a key power broker in Lebanon’s political system, and through threats and other things you would expect from a terrorist organization, they have sadly veto power in the cabinet. Hezbollah has been accused of carrying out bombings and plots against Israeli targets and as a result, is designated a terrorist organization by Western states like the USA, Israel, Gulf Arab countries, like the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and most Lebanese consider them a threat.”What I believe could happen”As person I have always looked beyond the facts that have been provided for us, and for good purpose. The fact that the son of donald trump visited the KSA just a week before Saad Hariri resigned from office can’t be a coincidence. As I have stated before Iran and Saudi Arabia have been at each others throts for a very long time and they have been trying to take each other out. Saudi Arabia isn’t the only country that wants Iran out of the picture, the United States of America has for years been trying to restrict iranian power in the middle east, and I believe that the proxy wars in Syria and Yemen, the Iranian nuclear deal and the current situation in lebanon are all connected. This is a very well thought out plan to completely destroy Iranian influence over the middle east and finally be able to invade the country. It is very clear that this could be the possible reasons for these conflicts and I believe that Iran could be another Iraq, and this will finally give the US full control over the middle east.